Here Are Some of the Infinite Ways You Can Use Stickers and Labels (Everyone Loves Stickers!)

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Exciting For Any Age

Self-adhesive stickers and labels have an insane amount of uses, and I’m going to talk to you about just a few of them!

It doesn’t matter how old you are. Everyone gets at least a little bit excited when it comes to stickers!

However, they’re much than just a fun thing to adhere to any surface you can possibly find.

Shall we take a peek at some suitably sticky situations?

Go on then!

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There’s nothing more catchy than a well designed sticker!

Advertising comes in many forms depending on where you’re using it, but you can apply stickers almost anywhere!

Do you want to add a nod to your business on product packaging? Add a label.

Maybe you want to reach a wider audience? Perhaps a vinyl car sticker is more to your style.

Attending an event and want to spread the word? Offer stickers to attendees to wear.

I can almost guarantee that you’ve noticed an advertisement sticker at some point in your life.

They’re simple, yet effective, especially if you can find a top-quality urgent sticker printing service near you.


I find labels to be one of the most underrated printed products of all time!

They come in so useful for so many different things, and they’re incredibly easy to use.

Here’s just a handful of examples:

  • Product Labels (What is the product?)
  • Ingredient Labels
  • Price Tags
  • Instruction Labels
  • Address Labels
  • EPC Labels

Labels can provide a mixture of purposes – the most common being as advertisement, informational, instructional, or eye-catching.

Can you imagine how much harder it would be to add any of the examples above to a product without the simplicity of a high-quality and ready-to-use label?

Me neither!


Warning labels are an application that’s not often the first thing to spring to mind when you’re talking about stickers. However, their use is key in many situations!

Warnings are a necessary addition to add to an extensive range of products.

Anything from toys to jewellery or candles and wax melts may need warning labels.

Using a sticker can help warnings stand out more as opposed to adding small print on the packaging.

So, if you have a product which you feel warrants a high-visibility warning, stickers could be your best choice!

Price Tags

First of all, kudos to you if you got Jessie J in your head after reading that!

Now, I briefly touched on price tags a little further up in the labels section.

It’s quite common to see items have either an RRP printed on the packaging or no price at all.

This information (or lack of) can make things more confusing for your customers, and consequently, more difficult for you.

Using stickered price tags can help keep things running smoothly and prevent unnecessary complications.

Of course, anyone can benefit from using adhesive price tags, but here are some ideas of who they can be most beneficial to:

  • Market Stallholders
  • Small Shops (Minimal use of pricing on shelves)
  • Home Run Businesses
  • Car Boot Sale Sellers

And, if you find yourself caught out at the last minute, you can easily find express sticker printing services online who can help you with your needs.

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Despite all the many uses informing in some way, we can’t forget this one thing.

Sometimes, they just look pretty!

There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

In a way, I suppose you could class decoration as a form of advertisement.

Something with a beautiful high-quality printed sticker is going to draw your attention more than something completely plain.

Aside from that, you sometimes might want them just because they look cool!

For me personally, I quite like seeing the funny vinyl stickers on cars or the images that have been transferred onto windows to improve their aesthetics.

Or, even if you have kids who feel good when given a sticker. It’s always a nice little thing to make you smile when you’re young.

As an adult, I still enjoy getting given stickers!

Making the Most of Your Stickers and Labels

We understand that there are occasions where you find yourself in a bit of a bind and need to find someone who can offer customer sticker printing – and fast!

If you think that stickers could be the way to go for you, we offer the best custom sticker printing in London!

Therefore, for a top-quality urgent printing service near you, trust us to get you sorted.

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And That’s Just the Beginning!

I wish I could stay here and talk to you about all the uses of stickers and labels I can possibly think of.

Unfortunately, blog posts aren’t supposed to take years to read, so we’ll have to leave it at these (for now)!

We’d love to know what your favourite uses are for stickers and labels?

Mine is pretty much anything and everything.

It’s just too satisfying to peel them off the backing.

I’m too easily impressed sometimes, so I’d love to hear some more specific opinions!

Comment yours below, and let’s see who shares a love for labels, and who’s a supporter of all things sticky!



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