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Have you found yourself in a bit of a sticky situation? Do you need to find an online sticker printing service near you, and fast? Look no further! Here at Day Night Print, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide urgent service to our customers. Whether you’re in no rush for your delivery, or you need to find someone able to deliver your product to you the very same day, we’ve got you covered!

Not sure whether stickers are right for you? Take a look at the infinite ways stickers and labels can be used!

What is the purpose of a UV Coating?

UV coating gives your stickers a beautifully glossy finish. Not only that, but it improves the durability of the product by providing a layer of protection.

UV coatings improve the paper’s water resistance. As a result, it’s less susceptible to be minor water damage. Please bear in mind though that UV coating does not make the product waterproof.

Due to this, your stickers will last longer and look great, so you can guarantee you’re getting a brilliant quality bargain!

First, a layer of clear liquid (such as polyethylene) is applied to the printed paper. Then, it’s cured using a UV light.

The clarity of UV’s high shine finish makes sure your images will pop. After all, what better way is there to make your stickers stand out than to literally make them shine?

Paper Options

So what’s the difference between the various paper types? Well, each paper type will give the sticker a different look when finished. They also have different properties, which will make some more suitable than others for specific jobs.


Gloss paper is a coated paper with UV coating available for specific products. Pieces with bold colours or detailed images benefit from this paper type because it helps them to stand out. Gloss tends to be the most popular paper type for stickers, along with Matte.


Matte is essentially the standard paper you’d use in a printer at home, just with an adhesive backing. The images on matte paper aren’t as sharp as they would appear on gloss, however matte paper is much easier to write on in comparison to gloss. This property makes matte paper perfect for stickers such as name tags, gift labels, and any other sticker you’d need to write on.


Designed to help your stickers battle the elements, vinyl is a tough and durable material . Vinyl is often water-resistant (although certain types available are waterproof), and it’s more resistant to damage – such as tears or the effect of sun exposure. As a result, vinyl makes the perfect choice for stickers required for outdoor use.


Polyester stickers are the ‘happy medium’ between vinyl and other materials (such as gloss). They resist damage better than the standard options, yet they’re cheaper than vinyl. Consequently, this makes them best used for mass-produced stickers, such as those used for promos.


Specialty paper is a term for vinyl stickers, which are either holographic or metallic. They have the same properties as vinyl stickers. However, they have the addition of a metallic base colour (such as silver or gold). This sort of paper is useful for decorative stickers or for use where you especially want your label to stand out.


To give your stickers more of a grainy appearance, opt for this brownish coloured textured paper. Think ‘old style’. This sort of paper is perfect for use on projects with a vintage appearance, such as hand made stickers for crafters, stickers for event letters/envelopes, or most commonly for bottle labels. Parchment is well known for giving an elegant and high-quality characteristic appearance.

With so many options to choose from, Day Night Print can fulfil your urgent need for custom sticker printing in London. Click on the ‘Get A Quote’ button now, and you could receive your stickers the very same day. For all your express sticker printing needs, why not trust the company ‘labelled’ the best in London!