Urgent Envelope Printing In London

A custom envelope can help your brand to stand out from the crowd. It expresses your perception of business or professionalism as an individual or organisation. Whether it’s a billing statement or greeting message it’s usable in each occasion for branding your business or organisation.

Our custom envelope printing service will add value to your company. The custom printed envelope that has been printed well can make a positive impression toward your brand. 

Envelopes printing service

Why Us for Bulk Envelope Printing

As a professional printing service provider Day Night Print always maintains a strict timeline for printing and fast delivery. At the same time you can expect top class service at a good price. We can provide you same day printing service. Your confidentiality is important to us. We don’t share your confidential information, we keep it secret. 

Standard Envelope Sizes

C4 Envelope

The size of the C4 envelope is 324mm X 229mm. This paper suits A4 size paper. It can be used in business letters, cards, invitations for printed documents.  

C5 Envelope

Measurement size of C5 envelope 162mm X 229 mm. A4 paper that is folded in half fits to this size. We can use it as a promotional item. As it is big in size a design and text message covering the surface of the envelope will work as your messaging arena. When you put a flyer inside such an envelope it seems to be something to care about. So the attention and opening rate increases. 

C6 Envelope

Dimensions of a C6 envelope is 114 X 162 mm. Compared to other envelopes it’s quite smaller. Hence it fits A5 pages.even it folded in half. But if we use A4 paper then it can be folded twice. Generally it’s used as greeting cards, postcards, invites etc. 

A personalised envelope can help you send more personalised messages to your audience or client. So C6 envelopes that fit vouchers, flyers or a postcard and greeting cards can help you to achieve customer or branding. 

DL Envelope

DL is one of the most common envelopes when it’s about sending business letters. Therefore you will notice standard posts arrive in DL size.  The size of DL is 220 X 110 mm. It fits A4 paper folded into thirds. 

Various Type of Envelope

Square Envelope

Square envelopes are generally used for advertising, announcements, invitation and specialty greeting cards. Since the latest type of square flap envelopes have a unique shape and side seam are durable therefore it can grab attention. It comes in different sizes that start from 127 x 127 mm to 216 x 216 mm.

Inner Envelopes

Inner envelopes are simply the envelope that contain necessary info about invitation details and the invited guest. But along with the inner envelope a outer envelope is also used for this sort of invitation card. Mostly inner envelopes left ungummed or glueless for courtesy. The inner envelope size is 5 ¼” x 7 ½” inches. It can come in many other sizes too. 

Contour Flap Envelope

When it’s about gala invitations, greeting cards, and other dinctive maling is the perfect choice. Also it suits special occasions, announcements, events, and so on. There are many sizes of the counter flap envelope. Namely A7,A4, A2, A6 etc.

Pocket Invitation Envelope

Pocket invitations envelopes are not the same as traditional envelopes.They don’t have gum on flaps.  It works as an inner envelope in and of itself. As the name suggests it is used for invitation. The dimensions are about 220 x 110 mm. 

Commercial Envelopes

Commercial envelopes or business envelopes can be printed on commonly used printer papers and letterheads of the envelope are folded a third of their height that allow them to fit on it. The opening of the envelope is at the top. The envelope size starts from 158.75 x 90.4875 mm till 241.3 x 104.775 mm. These types of envelopes are an efficient choice for invoices, direct mail, checks and statements. Furthermore it is used in letterhead and personal correspondence.

Announcement Envelope

Announcement envelope contains personal mail, greeting, notecards, invitations and personal decorative stationery. Envelope types are A2 to A10 with the dimensions of 146.05 x 111.125 mm to 241.3 x 152.4 mm. 

Booklet Envelope

The booklet envelope are use for unfolded materials that are not fit in #10 size envelope. It is medium in size. Suitable for booklets, sending small brochures, pamphlets, and unbound paper. Standard sizes are from 5.75 x 8.875 inches to 9.5 x 12.625 inches.Booklet envelopes are used for high quality printed and bound materials such as  booklets, brochures, pamphlets. 

Baronial Envelopes

The use as a personal correspondence is the same as an announcement envelope in a baronial envelope. Uses include greeting cards, decorative stationary, notecards, invitations etc. In this case size starts from 130.175 x 92.075 mm to 190.5 x 139.7 mm. 

Catalogue Envelopes

Catalogue envelopes used in face to face sales presentations, mailing catalogues, and leave-behind presentations. Standard size of catalogue envelopes starts from 6 x 9 inches to 10 x 13 inches. 

Above all, you can choose any type of envelope printing according to your needs.


What is a standard envelope?

When it’s about a standard envelope then people consider #10 as a standard envelope. These types of envelopes are used for business correspondence. 


What is the most popular envelope size?

DL is the most popular envelope. The size of the envelope is 4.125 x 9.5 inches. 

What size is an envelope?

The size of an envelope is not fixed. It comes in different sizes. Some standard envelope sizes are 6 x 9.5 inches, 9x 12 inches, 9.5 x 12.625 inches. 

How many types of envelopes are there?

Around 19 different types of envelopes are there. In each type there are various sizes of the envelope. The number is huge.

Can I print envelope in printer?

If your printer has a built-in feature and driver that allows you to choose an envelope as a printing object then you can print envelope selecting size and place paper in the printer. 

How do you print Envelopes quickly?

If your pdf document is ready to print and your printer is suitable along with driver and feature now press ctrl+p to print the document then print your envelope faster. 

How do I create an envelope in Word?

To create an envelope, open the word and select the “Mailings” tab and click on envelope. Now you have to enter envelope information like delivery address, return address. Once it is filled up then click on options at the bottom of the Envelopes and Labels window. Now you will see an envelope options window to choose the feed method. Now add envelope options info such as font envelope size then click ok that will back you to the previous window and click on add document. At this stage it will show you if you want to save the new return address as default return address. 

What are small envelopes called?

Small envelopes are called Mini Envelopes. Those are suitable for holding small folded and flat cards.