These Are The Main Differences and Similarities Between a Dissertation and a Thesis (UK Version)

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Dissertation VS Thesis

There are multiple similarities and differences between dissertations and theses. However, many people can get confused between the two, so I’m going to help you understand what they are.

The majority of students in University will go through the process of writing either a thesis or dissertation at some point in their educational journey. It’s often an essential piece of work involved in obtaining your grade. Therefore it’s super important!

I know that as a student, you’re likely to be super busy, so let’s get straight into it!

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Independent or Interchangeable

Although this may appear to be a minor point, it’s something important that I wanted to clear up before we look at what the similarities and differences are.

You may be in the mindset that a thesis is exactly the same as a dissertation.

Don’t worry because you wouldn’t be alone in thinking this.

You just need to remember that it isn’t. Some people will use these terms interchangeably, but that technically isn’t correct.

As a result, you’ve probably heard these words used incorrectly before! For that reason, it may be best to view these points with fresh eyes and forget about where you’ve heard these terms used before.

Country Variations in Definitions

Dissertations and Theses differ in definition between countries.

Most notably, American University systems tend to use these terms oppositely to their British definitions. There are also some systems which do use the words interchangeably.

Remember that this blog is specifically focusing on the British usage of these terms.

Therefore, these points may differ from any other blogs you may have read because they might have focused on American usage.

Similarities and Differences

Now we’re getting down to the more nitty-gritty stuff.

To be honest, there aren’t many points to focus on here. However, the points that are covered are super important!

Definitions (Difference)

This is obviously the most significant difference. What makes the work a dissertation, and what makes it a thesis?

Dissertation –

A dissertation is generally a piece of work in which you compile research on a specific subject before reviewing and analysing what you’ve found. It basically shows an understanding of your field of research and shows that you’re able to derive opinions or judgements that are backed by research.

Thesis –

A thesis refers more to a body of work in which you complete research and test ideas to produce original work. The word thesis is of Greek origin, in which it regards placing a proposition or putting forth an idea.

Put simply, one demonstrates an understanding, whereas the other uses your knowledge to progress.

Originality (Similarity)

Perhaps one of the most important similarities is that the work must achieve certain standards in regards to original work.

Regardless of the content, length, and any other differences – plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Any work used from alternate sources must be cited correctly, and any direct quotes must be formatted correctly in quote marks and must also include direct citations.

A little tip to bear in mind though – try and avoid the use of quotes or at least keep them to a minimum. The assessor wants to read your work, not someone else’s.

Length (Difference)

A thesis is longer in length than a dissertation.

On average, a thesis will consist of approximately 80,000 words.

On the flip side, a dissertation roughly reaches 20,000 words.

A huge difference when considering that 20,000 words will fall within the region of 40 pages, making a thesis around 160 pages long!

The Finished Product – Printing and Binding (Similarity)

Irrespective of what the piece of work is, you need to be able to present it well to give the best possible first impression to the assessor.

For the best way to present your dissertation, take a look at the final point in our blog “5 Things You Can Take From Past Students to Feel Confident About Smashing Your Dissertation Writing”. You may also find some more helpful tips and tricks!

There isn’t much difference between the printing of your dissertation and how best to find quality thesis printing.

Thesis binding is very similar to dissertation binding. However, the decision you make may be affected by the length of your piece.

Don’t forget, theses are often longer and containing more pages, so they may require a sturdier binding type than a dissertation. Find a reputable company that offers high-quality thesis binding to ensure that you will receive the best service around.

If you live in London, we’re happy to help you with this aspect!

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So, whether you need to print and bind your thesis or your dissertation, we can have you covered.

To Sum Up

Now you know what the similarities and differences are between dissertations and theses. Also, you’ve seen why you may have encountered confusion about these terms before.

It isn’t as complicated as you might have initially thought, is it?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the same is true for your writing topic!

We’d like to know what misconceptions you may have had about this topic, and why you may have had a little mix-up mayhem.

Comment below to share your thoughts and experiences with us.


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