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Utilizing a sticky graphic medium (stickers, decals, or labels) to convey a company’s distinctive story or proposition is known as “sticker marketing.” Stickers can be used to start conversations, invite, expose, remind, direct, label, identify, start conversations, and drive sales. These are all important aspects of effective marketing’s communications and relationship building.

How to do Sticker Marketing

One of the most adaptable marketing tools available is stickers. There are so many different ways to use promotional stickers and so many different places to use them; when it comes to the potential value of advertising, nothing else comes close. 

Stickers are designed to be noticed and communicate in ways that other marketing materials simply cannot, whether you use them on their own or stick them to something else to draw attention. Try sticking stickers on your marketing to see what they can do to make it stick out more.

Stickers are used by many businesses to effectively push and promote their brand image. Logo stickers can be found on everything from the backs of automobiles to bulletin boards to lampposts to packaging for consumer goods. Stickers can be compared to miniature billboards because they give people a chance to notice your logo or slogan outside of the usual context, increasing awareness of your business.

Stickers can also be used to convey crucial sales information about a product you want to sell. You could, for instance, label a sticker with a product’s features and benefits and stick it on the packaging. The sticker will draw the customer’s attention to the information, even if it is already printed on the packaging.

They might discover something that they might have missed otherwise. When promoting a product, anything that makes information easier to see and draws attention can be helpful, and stickers can do just that.

Stickers can pique interest and serve as an immediate call to action during a big sale at your retail location. Is it true or not that you are having a BOGO deal? Print stickers and adhere them to “buy one, get one free” products to attract attention and boost sales.

When immediacy is important, you need to use bright and bold colors here to really stand out and grab your audience. Stickers can compel customers to buy your product by creating a sense of urgency.

Stickers can be distributed to attendees at events in a great way. It does not matter if you are using the stickers to sell a product or just to promote your brand. At an event or trade show, giving away free stickers creates excitement and gets people talking about your business, product, or service. Stickers are always a fun and interactive way to reach out to your customers, and people like to get something free.

When making your stickers, it is critical to use premium printing, especially if you want them to stick to cars or other permanent objects. Your sticker will look great and promote your business or product for a long time thanks to high-quality printing.


Contextual filters, Internet ad blockers, the broadcast limitations of DVR and satellite radio, and the clutter of print media make it difficult to be noticed in today’s marketing environment. However, sticker marketing is one of the most tried-and-true forms of advertising.

Politicians, corporations, musicians, politicians, social movements, small businesses, education, and anyone else with a funny or important message have used sticker marketing. Sticker marketing is a powerful, low-cost marketing tool because it can be placed virtually anywhere—on walls, windows, cars, computers, backpacks, sidewalks, doors, and machinery—and commands viewers attention. 

The seven reasons why sticker marketing should be considered for your business or brand in the future are as follows:

Stickers have been effective at generating positive word-of-mouth recommendations for a long time. Their presence makes people talk about your brand and connect with it. You gain the trust and credibility that customers seek when making purchases through this peer-to-peer dialogue.

Sticker marketing is a very cost-effective way to make a lasting impression, whether you want to appeal to a large number of people or run a sophisticated advertising campaign. Production costs are low for the unique value in return thanks to advancements in printing technology and material substrates.

Other printed promotional items like business cards and brochures have a lower perceived value than high-quality stickers. Receiving a “gift” via mail or hand makes it seem harder to throw away. People immediately think of places where they can display their extra little something for all to see.

Your brand can expand beyond your immediate area thanks to stickers. Your brand is exposed to an infinite audience that you might not otherwise be able to reach through visibility on things like water bottles, laptop computers, backpacks, and cars. The subliminal advertising for your brand is reaching people outside of your local area.

A promotional sticker’s condensed format requires a brand to be laser-focused. Throughout the design and development process, fundamental questions about your brand’s foundational identity are reinforced. Other marketing strategies are sharpened because of this brand identity clarity. 

Sticker marketing is not just for giving away because it is also a cheap way to brand products or service equipment and makes great employee swag. Keep yourself visible because relationships and communicating your unique selling points are at the heart of marketing.

Your creativity has the potential to generate income. Create a sticker with a value that is high enough for people to want to show it off and pay for it. Let the sticker become a product that makes money or a chance to give to charity on its own.

Stickers aid in the development of a personal connection with your product. They have already agreed to do business with you when the recipients attach it to their property. To be as effective as possible, sticker marketing, like any other form of marketing or advertising, needs to be properly planned, designed, and carried out. Allow Fridge to assist you in the development of your sticker marketing campaign.

Other Issues Regarding Sticker

You can connect with your audience in a new way by using stickers. They cannot ignore it because they show ads and change channels when they air. Stickers are also extremely adaptable. They can be placed almost anywhere, including windows, walls, automobiles, laptops, sidewalks, doors, machinery, packaging, and so on. Stickers are an effective and creative marketing strategy.

Additionally, people may retain the information for longer if they continue to see the stickers, in particular locations. It could be compared to "traditional" social media. Stickers make real-time word-of-mouth impressions possible. They might also make people who see them think about the company that makes them.

In addition, it demonstrates a form of endorsement when your current clients do so. It demonstrates their brand loyalty and may encourage others to investigate your company. When they are in line with your brand’s values and the things that are important to your customers, stickers can make a strong connection. Defining and implementing that connection is made easier when you develop a sticker marketing strategy.

We need to define what this is before we talk about the reasons why you need a sticker marketing strategy. It is no different from any other marketing tactics trategy you have. It records how you will use a channel to achieve a particular objective. The objective could, for instance, be to increase product sales. 

One strategy might be to create a series of stickers with a QR code that feature the project and its tagline. A webpage with information about the product can be accessed by scanning the QR code. You can track and attribute any such purchases that customers make to your sticker campaign.

You can follow that if you already have a strategy template for other marketing initiatives. If not, we suggest the following: Use stickers to define the objectives you hope to achieve. Brand awareness, increasing social media engagement, increasing product sales, increasing traffic to your website or physical store, or launching a product are some examples. If necessary, relate your goals to numbers.

To determine whether you achieve your goals, it is essential to quantify them. The objective might, for instance, be to increase social media engagement. Therefore, you could elaborate to 10%.You will need to begin measuring with your current statistics as a benchmark. After 90 days, measure to see if the needle moved.

Set a deadline for achieving the objective. While stickers can continue to provide value, you should first establish a specific period, such as the 90-day period mentioned earlier. Offer a budget. Setting a price for your marketing campaign is a good idea. The stickers themselves and everything else you need to run the campaign will be your costs.

Determine how customers will receive the stickers. You need to put stickers all over the place in order for sticker marketing to work! How will you guarantee that they reach your customers and keep expanding your reach? This can be done in a variety of ways.

They are acceptable to include in all e-commerce orders. Make them available at your physical location if you have one. Another way for people to get the word out is if you go to or host events.

Determine which metrics and how you will track them. Physical attribution is more difficult than digital attribution. However, there are approaches, such as using a QR code, which can be taken. A unique URL, code, email address, or phone number related to sticker marketing can also be included.

You can attribute those inquiries to that campaign if you receive them.Make use of the stickers. You should promote the stickers as well as distribute them. You could do this on your website with a brief mention of your collection of branded stickers. Mention it as a “get a free sticker with your next order” strategy on social media and in all product marketing.

Look at a different category of stickers that can be bought. Sticker marketing need not exclusively consist of promotional ones. You can also make stickers that are professionally designed and branded, which your customers might actually want to buy.

It is an additional option if your audience wants that. Some stickers may become popular because of their message or design. If that is the case, you might want to consider placing a price on additional orders. You will be able to develop a sticker marketing strategy that can assist you in achieving your objectives if you follow each of these steps. The advantages of employing a sticker marketing strategy for your business will be discussed next.

Although developing a strategy may appear to be time-consuming, you should not enter this kind of campaign without establishing some parameters. You will not be able to show a return on such a project if you do not. Hence, stickers? Let us investigate!

The majority of marketing campaigns cost money. Very few things do not require a lot of money. Search engine marketing, or SEM, can run you thousands of dollars per month. Both social media ads and display ads can quickly drain a budget. In addition, direct mail is definitely expensive.

However, stickers are extremely affordable. For very little money, you can print a large number of high-quality vinyl stickers. Additionally, the price per piece decreases the more you buy. Once your campaign gets going, you can quickly scale it up because stickers are so cheap. Contrary to other methods of marketing, you will not feel the pinch of additional costs. Any returns you receive can make up for the small investment. When you distribute stickers for marketing purposes, your only cost is the sticker fees themselves.

It would cost you less than $200 to buy 5000 stickers. The stickers are then distributed in low-cost ways, such as in shipping boxes, at events, in stores, etc. You will already have a positive ROI (return on investment) even if only a few people see the sticker, respond to it, and make purchases.

Advertising is coming at us from every direction in the modern much that it causes many people to become frustrated. Others are typically “ad-blind” Digital advertising, as well as radio and television advertising, is disruptive. However, stickers are not.

In the real world, people encounter stickers. In addition, they are not always obvious advertisements. A die-cut sticker of your logo is enough to become a piece of branding, not an advertisement. If you use humor or a meaningful message, they might read it and feel something. This potential client is now curious about your company and may look for you online or in person.

Stickers are straightforward. Most of the time, they are small, so they do not have much text. It is not as overwhelming as an online advertisement. A novel about your brand does not appeal to anyone. The work will be done by a great design and a message that is consistent with the brand.

Stickers, as previously mentioned, serve as brand endorsements. However, to attract attention, you do not need a social media influencer to post one on their wall. When someone sees a brand sticker on their laptop or car bumper, they know right away that the sticker’s owner is committed to your brand.

That conveys a strong message. The majority of consumers rely on recommendations from others to evaluate a brand’s quality and dependability. While you can boast all day that you have the best cookies in the city, a sticker stating that will have a greater impact on a customer.

In addition, it demonstrates to others that you are a dependable business when your customers endorse you with stickers. You have maintained your commitment to providing excellent services and products. Customers have high standards for the businesses they do business with. They anticipate that you will carry out your promises. A customer’s wearing of a sticker immediately demonstrates that you will.

Furthermore, the sticker owner makes no genuine effort. They are not required to provide a testimonial, write a review, or interact with you on social media. The only request is to stick the sticker somewhere where others can see it.

The fact that stickers are the ideal giveaway is yet another reason to proceed with a strategy. They might provide a great low-cost way to support your brand. Sticker giveaways can be used for a variety of purposes.

With giveaways, one of your primary goals is to raise awareness of your brand. The likelihood of piquing the interest of potential customers increases with the number of distribution channels you employ. Working with other businesses that are partners of yours or in the same neighborhood is one way to do this well.

Having stickers from the other company can help you both out. Sticker giveaways can also be used to raise brand awareness by being easily accessible. Do not just pile your stickers on the table when you are at an event. Instead, have a person stand up and give out free stickers to people who pass by. It might spark a discussion. People will also want to display your sticker if it is appealing and interesting.

Giving away stickers to customers adds value. They receive a freebie from a favorite brand. You can increase their loyalty to you by giving them this. Think about ways to use stickers to keep interacting with customers. If you are in person, you can put them in orders or bags. 

You might also make a particular kind of sticker for particular occasions or times of the year. Send those to your current clients in that case. Sending customers greeting stickers with their names for instance, makes them feel special. Giving out fun educational stickers to customer kids is another option. These can work well with all of your marketing plans to celebrate holidays, milestones, or anything else that is important to your business and your customers.

Stickers can make customers more engaged. As a physical takeout, it differs significantly from an online interaction. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, one of which is to organize a contest in which residents of your city are required to locate various stickers that your brand has produced elsewhere in the world.

This could be successful on social media and excite people. Prizes could be awarded to the first person to locate them all.

Referring a friend is another way to increase sticker engagement. In addition to recognizing the customer, referrals are a great way to increase your customer base. Social media could benefit from this kind of exchange as well. Customers would be required to upload videos or photos of them handing out stickers.

After that, you can offer a discount or a free gift to both your current and new customers.

Sticker engagement can be significantly more effective than other types because it takes place in real life. You have the chance to establish lasting relationships with customers. Stickers are a great way for businesses to advertise their operations. However, stickers can advertise a wide range of things, including events and products. Let us say you are hosting a party, launching a new product, or running a big promotion.

If that is the case, stickers might be another way to help them. Stickers also do not have to be focused on a brand or a product. They may also be instructive and provide useful information.

To promote a healthier diet, health food stores, for instance, could produce food facts stickers. Include instructions on how to carry out a routine task that is relevant to your business yet another option. People will stick the stickers where they can see them and keep them there despite having your logo and branding on them.

You should think about making stickers with themes for specific campaigns or events. Start distributing them early for an event. They could be used to announce the date. You can use a short URL or QR code to direct people to learn more about the event or register for it, despite the limited sticker space.

Stickers can contribute to the buzz of anticipation you want to create if you use them to promote a new product or service. Use humorous or interesting messaging that offers hints without revealing the product or service. 

This can also be made into a game. Before making a guess, participants must collect all sticker clues. This is a novel approach to interactive promotion that distinguishes your brand. You can rest assured that a vinyl sticker of high quality will last. 

Consider this: Cheap stickers will not last as long. You should not give away something of poor quality with brand messaging.

Vinyl stickers can withstand the elements and even the dishwasher because they are weatherproof and waterproof. A sticker can last for years in most cases. However, it will not take a lot of effort to remove them if someone wants to. 

Even if they have been in the same place for a long time, they usually peel right off.You are giving away a portion of your brand’s story by using stickers. When they are long lasting, it conveys to your client that they can rely on you.

You might believe that sticker marketing is only for large businesses. It is real; they do use them a lot, but any business can use them to promote and brand itself. In comparison to other marketing initiatives, the barrier to using them is low due to their low cost. All you need is a plan for how you will use them and a goal. 

You can start small by giving them to customers as part of their orders. You can determine whether there has been a return during this first wave. Expand your use of the positives by incorporating some of the suggestions we mentioned earlier if you spot any.


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