10 Punny Last Minute Dissertation Printing Jokes (They’re So Bad They’re Hilarious)

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Perfect Puns

Let’s take a break from our usual informative blogs to provide you with a bit of a giggle!

They always say that laughter is the best medicine.

So, let’s take a look at some punny jokes about last-minute dissertation binding in London.

I can’t guarantee they won’t be super cringy!

Although, they are still about dissertations. So, that counts as work, right?

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1. Perfect Binding

I went to a wedding between a printed dissertation and a glue binding cover.

It was perfect!

My past blogs have often referred to dissertation binding styles, so it only felt right to place a perfect bind pun as my number one!

2. Feeling Chilly

Why are students always cold during the dissertation writing season?

There are drafts everywhere!

It can be hard to write a dissertation. There’s often an incredible amount of rewrites from improving the work or changing your mind.

It’s impressive that there aren’t students drowning in masses of paper from endless drafts!

Thank god for computers, eh?

3. Running Late with Research

What do you call a gorgeous person with an overdue library book?


With all the stress of deadlines, it’s no surprise that some people may forget about the due date on that one book that’s been the holy grail of research.

However, I know that I’d much prefer to be called fine than to receive one!

4. Shhhhhh!

I asked my mate why their dissertation had a padlock on its spine.

Apparently, it was bound to secrecy!

Okay, I must admit that this is one of my personal favourites!

I have a super active imagination, so I have this image of an animated dissertation shushing me when I ask this question.

I know it sounds crazy, but surely you can agree that it suddenly makes the piece of work a lot less intimidating!

Or is it just me?

5. Delivery Dilemma

Where would a mathematician go to get their dissertation printed and bound?

Times Square!

Luckily for this person, we offer delivery throughout London!

So, if you’re a mathematician who wants a suitably punny delivery, you can rely on Day Night Print.

6. Printing Fail

I handed my tutor a dissertation about the advantages of using invisible ink for educational documents.

I failed because they couldn’t see my point!

This poor student put all that hard work in for nothing!

Although, was it just an excuse to try and get away with avoiding the dreaded dissertation?

7. Goodbye Bob Marley

What is our least favourite kind of music here at Day Night Print?

Reggae, because we don’t want our printers to be jammin’.

We don’t really dislike reggae. It just makes for a great pun!

Everyone loves a good jam session; however, we don’t like it if the printers join in.

It’s a good job we use high-quality and reliable machinery to get the job done!

8. Pirate Printing

What’s the preferred printer brand for a dissertation about pirates?


Perhaps Jack Sparrow would use a canon if he ever went through university?

Then again, he’d probably be more into the partying than the writing (watch out for your rum).

Check out our blog discussing advice from past students to find out how you can avoid becoming like Jack Sparrow and write a killer dissertation!

Just pray that, unlike a ship, your dissertation doesn’t sink!

9. Academic Attack

Did you hear about the attack on the finished dissertation?

Eye-witnesses claim that it was punched repeatedly before being bound and sent away!

It was said that the attackers were a hole puncher, a plastic spine, and one of Day Night Print’s friendly delivery people!

That doesn’t sound scary at all, does it?

Well, that’s because it’s not. In fact, it’s just how we finish your printed dissertation before delivering it to you!

10. Disney Dissertation Dilemmas

Why shouldn’t you get your dissertation printed at the same place as Snow White?

Because she’s still waiting for her prints to come!

Rest assured, Snow White does not use Day Night Print.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer urgent dissertation printing – and we won’t leave you waiting around for your prints to come!

Joking Aside

As terrible as some of these jokes are, we can assure you that our service is anything but that!

Here at Day Night Print, we offer high-quality last-minute dissertation printing, and we deliver throughout London and its surrounding areas.

So, you never have to find yourself in a bind when it comes to choosing a company that can offer you a professionally printed dissertation (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist one last pun!)

Before you head off to utilise our highly rated dissertation printing service, why not let us know what your favourite joke was? Or, you can share any other ones you may have.

Leave us a comment down below!


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