Personalised Letterhead and Compliment Slip Printing

Whether your letterhead or compliment slip design are ready or not. We can design and print your compliment slip with the top quality paper and printing material. Both the single or double sided printing is available. Letterhead paper is 100-120GSM which is best for printing. The standard compliment slip paper is printed on 100GSM paper while premium on is 120GSM high quality paper. 

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personalised compliment and letterhead printing

Importance of Letterhead and Compliment Slip Printing

Letterheads and compliment slips are an effective tool for marketing and branding. Letterhead is a kind of physical representation of a company. The letter contains your company info at the top and background pattern in some cases. When anyone receives your letter the paperhead becomes visible faster. In case of compliments people love it. Therefore when you send a custom printed compliment slip to anyone it will make them feel that your company cares about the person. In fact it can attract your desired customer since it creates trust and shows professionalism. 

Ideal Feature of Compliment Slips & Letterhead

Ideal feature of compliment slips & letterhead contains various features. Here we listed some of the essential features of compliment slips & letterhead. 

Compliment Slips


Compliment slips should include branding of your company. The necessary information should be along with contact information and easy to take note for further use in future. Also it should  reflect your brand. Once anyone got it your business should be easily recognisable.

Simple Design

A compliment slip space is not too big in size. So using a simple design you have to make it clear about your brand identity and perception. Using any heavy content and design is not suitable for it. Always make content that represents your business.

Easy Readable Information

When you design a compliment slip the information should be visible easily. Because these parts show the most important information about your company. Using a suitable font will make it easy to read. Those include colour, font size, background colour; they all should be placed accurately. 

High Quality Printing

Whatever the design or other aspects are without using quality full print material the compliment slip will not stand out. Besides, if your printing is qualityful it will make a good impression about your brand. It may help to think positively about the brand’s product and services.


Formal requirement 

Basic details of a formal letterhead are contact details, address, telephone numbers, email address, and name when you are a sole trader. Furthermore VAT number, registration number & address for LTD company are necessary.

Make it Simple

The design of the letterhead should be simple and easy to remember. It shouldn’t be complicated simply your logo, brand colour that’s it. 

Design size and position

Another requirement  is design size. Depending on paper size the design should be adjusted after it is printed. Unnecessary space or oversize design doesn’t make a professional letterhead. The size and positioning that adjust with various size papers will make more options to send different customers or clients. A letterhead is A4 in size. 

Background Watermark

A watermarke included in your letter will add more professionalism to your letter. Whereas you don’t need to waste space because it’s a faded logo of your brands. Always make sure your text shows clearly over your watermark after adding a faded logo. 

High Quality Printing

Any design that you have already completed will look better when you use high quality printing. It’s a combination of using high quality printing colour, machine, and paper. To get an eco-friendly world we should always choose to recycle paper for printing. Day Night Print can be your printing partner.


What is example of compliment slip?

Compliment slip can be sent or attached rather than adding a formal letter or reply. Let’s say the response of a price list can be attached with a compliments slip.

What is a compliment slip size?

The  most commonly used standard compliments are small in size that are DL size (210mm x 99mm) or A6 size (148mm  x 105 mm). 

What is the meaning of with compliments?

The meaning of with compliments means a formal way of giving an item as a gift or a favour. The gift is special as well

Where to get letterhead printed?

Depending on your location you can get letterhead printed. If you are located near London then Day Night Print can help you to print your letterhead. We can deliver your copies the same day.

Are compliment slips still used?

Yes, it is. In fact it is very popular in various industries and widely used. In the corporate industry it’s a standard part. Along with business cards and the large scale letterhead it’s a great addition to increase professionalism.

How do I print my complimentary slips?

Complimentary slip can be printed easily. Simply choose the pdf file of your compliment slip then print Ctrl+P. Now you will see the printing property option then select the desired copy and the colour or grayscale version. 

How to print on letterhead in word?

Open  MS word  and click on file then print at the bottom. Next select your printer and options to adjust paper then click okay. Now your item will be printed soon.