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Whether you like to admit it or not, everyone knows that the majority of students tend to leave vital work to the last minute. Despite how many times you may tell yourself that your dissertation will be an exception, it’s fair to say that it probably won’t be! After all, a few hours of procrastination can’t hurt. Right? Once in a while, this can be true. However, all too often, those hours turn into days. You’ll wonder where the time has gone, and before you know it, that big black cloud that is the dreaded deadline is looming right above your head. Hopefully, you can finish your thesis and get it submitted before the dark cloud starts to rain!

Binding Bother

Forgetting something? You’ve finally managed to speed type your dissertation, and you’re overcome by a wave of relief! That is until you remember that it’s not finished just yet. You may have completed all the hard work, but you still need to get your work printed and bound. Although you may have written a killer thesis, your finished submission needs to look professional and presentable. The appearance of your dissertation is integral to providing a satisfactory first impression of your work to the assessor. After the hard work and research you’ve put into the writing, you want to show your work off, and make them see that you’re proud to present what you’ve completed.

Professional binding would help to ensure that your pages are kept neatly together in the correct order, and allows you to add a front cover with details as well as protective covers. There are various types of binding available to you, including but not limited to:

  • Spiral
  • Comb
  • Staple

Always check out your institution’s guidelines before choosing which bind style you’d like to use. It’s something that can easily get overlooked when you’re stressing and trying to get the job done fast, but it’s super important! Some institutions won’t care too much about how your thesis is printed and bound – so long as it looks professional. On the flip side, you may find that you’re required to use a specific bind type, or they may favour single-sided sheets over double. Make sure you know the requirements before placing an order unless you want to cause yourself even more stress when you realise you’ve made a mistake.

Whether you have guidelines or not, there’s still so much you need to consider. What bind type will you use? What’s the best way to present your work? Where are you going to find a dissertation binding service in London at the last minute? Stay calm! There’s always a way.

How Can I Find Someone to Bind My Thesis So Late?

Don’t worry! Binding your dissertation at the last minute may be stressful, but it’s not impossible. Luckily, living in London gives you the advantage of having access to 24-hour thesis binding services. Simply go online, head to Google, and type in “Same day dissertation binding near me.”. Plenty of results will pop up, all of which will offer student dissertation printing and binding services. Find a reputable company who specialises in last-minute binding – such as DayNightPrint – and get started. DayNightPrint is a well-known company in London for the speed and efficiency of their service. They offer 24-hour thesis binding, and they can assist you with last-minute same day services, without compromising on quality!

DayNightPrint is a company that understands the pressure you’re under, which is why they’ve made their ordering process as quick and easy as possible. All it takes is a short enquiry form that asks you for the necessary details, and then you wait for your prompt reply with your quote. Once agreed, they’ll get your dissertation printed, bound, and delivered the very same day! It’s a stressful time, so you need a company like these who can help ease some of the pressure. Once they have your order instructions, you can kick back and try to spend some time relaxing. You’ve earned it, so make the most of it before you have to take care of the dreaded submission.

And Chill …

Even though you can end up in a bit of a last-minute crisis, it isn’t the end of the world! Being in London puts you at an advantage when finding someone to help since it’s available in abundance with reputable businesses like DayNightPrint being accessible 24/7. Running a little (or a lot) late doesn’t have to mean that you can’t still get a quality print and bind for a reasonable price. Student dissertation printing and binding services are there to help you, whether you’re an early bird or a last-minute crammer.

Now you know some of the crucial aspects that you need to consider when finalising your dissertation, you can be confident that you can find the best dissertation binding service near you at the last minute. You’ll know what to think about in advance so things can run much smoother. Be proud of yourself! It’s a tough job, and it takes a lot of focus and resilience. Well done!

I want to leave you on this final important note. Dissertation writing is a demanding process, and sometimes it can get a little rough for students. If you’re still struggling, there’s plenty of help and advice available on the internet to help you cope with stress. If things get too much, and you find that the pressure is adversely affecting your mental health to a large extent, please make an appointment to see your tutor or any other relevant personnel at your institution. If things are more serious, seek help from your GP or a mental health helpline, such as Samaritans.


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