How To Make A Good Booklet

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A booklet is a kind of book which is not so big, it is a thin book which generally provides information on a particular subject or something. This type of book also have paper covers. Booklets usually contain 8-36 pages. There are standard size of a booklet and the size is 5.5 inch X 8.5 inch or 6 X 9 inch. Considering each aspect of the booklet we will discuss how to make a good booklet.

To make a standard and gorgeous booklet it should be made sure that all kinds of critical information is provided inside it.

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Purpose of booklet

Before making or designing any kind of booklet of any product the purpose should be clarified. Different products have different purposes. It can be inaugurating a brand new product or promoting such a product which is newly launched. Besides the product the promotion of service can also be the purpose.

Secondly the purpose can be showing the brand personality so that through this an emotional connection with the customers can be created. Thirdly, to hold a strong position in the highly competitive market, the purpose can be increasing the brand awareness in order to stay ahead in comparison to other competitors.

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Select Target Audience

The second most important factor is to select the target audience and to know about their demands. The target audience can be segmented in terms of location, lifestyle, income, age, gender etc. For a particular class of audience four criteria should be kept in mind while making a booklet.

What type of design the customers like most?

What type of colors are liked by them?

The most liked typography and the way of arranging information and

How they like to be informed.

The success of a booklet mostly depends on the needs of the target audience. For this reason each and every minute detail about the customer choice should be considered.

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Creating Booklet Content 

For creating a well-organized booklet content the company may hire a freelance writer who has the minimum idea about the company, product and the choice of target audience. He has to decide what points will attract the audience attention immediately. It can be the headline, name of business, product detail, tagline slogan or something else.

Using Photos

Using photos or images is a very effective way to catch the attention of the customers. From some research it is found that visual content has a longer impact on the human brain in comparison to plain or text based content. Keeping this issue in mind, high resolution images designed by professional graphics designers can be used to make the booklet more attractive. 

Again most of the customers are unwilling to read a complete booklet. They want to select their favorite product within the shortest possible time.  That is why images have more impact on this type of customers. It also saves time and the customers get more clarified details about the product.

Besides all these steps there are some other steps which can be followed to make a successful and standard booklet.

Besides the printed version of a booklet there can be an online version of the booklet. As this is such an era when most of the people are regularly active in different social Medias like Facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest etc. So, multiple file formats of a booklet such as JPG, PNG, and PDF should be made available for the customers.

Different types of positive reviews of the customers who used the product before can be presented in a précised manner in the booklet so that the other customers get a positive impression about the product or about the company.

Finally, the business growth of the company can be presented using graphs and charts in a well-organized manner to make the booklet more attractive.

 If all the points described above can be followed the booklet can be made effective easily.

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