How to Make a Booklet in Word or Google Docs

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When you decide to make a booklet there are various methods to make a flyer. You can create it using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and online tools. Here we shall discuss how to make a booklet in Word or Google Docs. 

How to make a Booklet in Word or Google Docs

What is the Booklet and the Purpose of it?

Well, the term’ booklet’ means little book. Booklet refers to a small or mini book that contains a few pages. It’s promotional material just like a brochure or pamphlet. 

It is a type of printed material that contains information, anecdotes, or stories. Furthermore, it can be used as a reference tool, a guide to a certain event, or a pamphlet to explain a product or service. Booklets can easily be distributed and can have high levels of engagement with their readers as they require minimal effort to read. 

They also can be used to inform, persuade, or provide instruction to the reader in an entertaining or enlightening manner.

How to Make a Booklet in Word

Step 1: Booklet Template Setup

> Layout > Page Setup > Pages > Multiple Pages > Select the Book Fold option

> Set Margins 3 mm

> Go to Size Option and select paper size from the drop-down menu

> Go to View and tick the boxes to show Ruler and Gridlines.

Step 2: Insert Image

The booklet should include images, diagrams, and other visuals as it can help to demonstrate a point more clearly or give context to a particular argument. Additionally, it is important to include the correct captions for the images, as well as any relevant copyright information.

 Such images should also be credited in the same way that textual sources are. Lastly, if you are not sure about the correct referencing style to use or the format of a reference list, help can be sought. But it should be from the institution’s library or from an experienced academic writing mentor. 

To insert image, follow step after the template setup:

> Go to insert option from top menu > picture

> Choose your desired picture 

Step 3: Insert Text boxes

Now you have to add the necessary text in specific areas where necessary. Let’s say document title, header, paragraph etc. are the text that will be used on a booklet. Therefore, you need to use the text box. It’s a simple process. Here is how to do it.

> Go to insert option from top > Select text box as per your style requirement

> You can easily move text boxes by clicking and dragging anywhere.

> Text box can be resized to a suitable size by clicking on the corner and dragging

> Now you can easily add any text you need inside the text box.

Step 4: Border Insertion

To add borders to your booklet you have to follow the simple step added below.

> Go to design menu item > Choose Page Borders

> Now choose options like style, setting, color, width and art.

Step 5: Save Your Design

When you finish designing your booklet, we recommend you save it as PDF format to preserve the design. Because different versions of editing software come with particular features and styles, including fonts, and designs that may not be suitable for each version. 

Therefore, when you choose PDF your design will be protected from broken design or font.

To save your design:

> Go to file > Save As

> Write a name and click on drop-down menu to choose file type 

> Select PDF and press Save 

How to Make a Booklet in Google Docs

Google Docs is an excellent tool for creating booklets and other complex documents, as it allows for customization and easy collaboration. It also makes it simple to format each page correctly, as well as to format any captions and images. 

Furthermore, it is possible to export the completed document into a number of different formats. In sum, using Google Docs is an ideal way to create a professional-looking dissertation with all the necessary formatting and captions in place.

Step 1: Sign in to Gmail and Open a Blank Document

Initially, you must sign in to your gmail account to access your Google Docs. Therefore, sign in to your existing Gmail account or create an account if you don’t have one. Once you sign in now follow the url “”. 

Then click on the blank file on the left under the “Start a new document” section.

Step 2: Page Setup

Now, you have to set up your page to start making a booklet. To set up the page, then you have to set up margins for the booklet. Therefore, click on the file on top left then select the page setup option. 

After clicking on the page setup, a popup window will appear where you will find margin options at the right. Set margin 1 inch at the surrounding top, button, left, right. You can even set margins as per your requirement, but it should be the same.

On the left side, select Portrait from the Orientation option. You can even use the Landscape option if you wish.

Then there is a page colour option below at the same page setup popup. You can select any professional colour for your booklet.

Step 3: Add Title 

There are many major elements that are contained in a booklet. Before adding various elements, you should start adding the title of the page or cover page. Therefore, you have to click on the insert button from the menu. 

Then go to the drawing tab by putting your cursor and there will be an option named new at the right on the right side of it. Click on it.

When you click on the new file option it will open a new window for drawing. Over the left top of the window there is an Action button called “Word art” to insert your booklet title. Click on Action  and choose word art.

Now you can write the title name of your booklet and change the font from the impact tap at the right just below the Save and Close button. The font colour of your title is also changeable. After changing the font colour or keeping it as it is, click on Save and Close button.

Step 4: Cover Page Image

At this step you have to add the cover page image. To do that click on insert go to image and then select upload from computer. There are 4 options for wrapping your text. You can choose inline, wrap text, break text, behind the text, and in front of text.

At this stage, you will insert a text box for mentioning the author. To do that click on insert tab again go to drawing click on new. Then write the author’s name in the text box and click on “Save and Close”.

Step 5: Make Entire Theme

Once you have completed making the title or cover page, then you can jump to making the entire theme for your booklet. Therefore, click on insert then go to Headers & footers then select Header. Now insert the header logo or design from the insert section.

After adding the header you have to add the page number. Click on insert, then go to page number and choose a format from a few of the options. To make our booklet more attractive, you need to add another element, which is artwork from computer or online storage.

To add the artwork you have to follow the same procedure as adding header option footer option. The difference is after clicking on insert going through header and footer then selecting footer in the place of header.

Step 6: Insert Body Text and Images

In the final stage, you will add body text to your booklet. Besides, images also can be added where necessary, including captions. Besides, you can add other artwork such as illustration, shape etc. when it’s necessary. Once you finished body text and images now your booklet is ready to print. When you have a personal printer then you can easily print. But in case you need a professional booklet printing service then you can choose day night print.


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