How to Guarantee Your Booklets & Brochures Will Stand Out From the Crowd (5 Top Tips)

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Booklets & Brochures – The Low Down

Today, I’m going to share with you my top tips for giving your booklets the WOW factor!

Despite the increase in social media and online marketing, booklets continuously prove to be a popular tool to have in our belt. As such, it’s in your best interest to ensure that you utilise such a powerful tool to the best of your ability, so you need to make sure that your booklet is the one people remember.

Follow these simple tips to make your way to marketing success.

So, let’s get straight into it.


1.    Solid Headline

A weak headline instantly kills any chance of the reader going any further.

Imagine you went shopping, and you turned up to a store with a derelict and uninviting storefront.

For all you know, the shelves inside could be fit to burst with top of the range products and unbeatable deals. However, you don’t know that because you only see the exterior.

Would you go inside?

I’m 99% sure your answer is no, you’d go next door to the beautifully presented store.

The same thinking works with headlines. Hence, to make yours stand out:

  • Tell the reader what the booklet is about interestingly
  • Appeal to the target audience
  • Use an appealing – yet appropriate – text design.

For example, you’re trying to sell tickets to an outdoor adventure park.

So, instead of this:

All About Visiting Our Adventure Park in London

Use a more interesting headline like this:

Get Your Hearts Racing With London’s Top Outdoor Adventure!

Draw people in to make them want to read on. It’s a crucial first step in creating a stand-out booklet.

2.    Concise, Relevant Information

If you’d clicked on this link to find pages upon pages of continuous text, would you have read this far?

Of course not. You’d have clicked off the page to find your information elsewhere.

Apply this thought to any form of marketing, especially booklets.

Your customers want easily digestible and informative content, so give it to them!

Provide relevant information only, and minimise the use of other info.

If you’re using a booklet to market a holiday park, you might consider writing something like this:

“We’re called Example Holidays, and we were set up in 2020 by The Author. The Author wanted to start their own family-run business, which is how we started. We started as a site with only four caravans, but we now have twenty-two. Our cheapest static is our bronze standard, which costs anywhere from £20-£30 a night. Our premium caravans are more expensive at £80-£100 a night.  We’d like you to come and stay with us because we think you’ll enjoy our park.”

I must admit, I got fairly bored trying to write that! If it’s boring to write, it’s probably boring to read. To prevent this, keep it short and relevant while trying to catch the reader’s attention:

“Founded in 2020 by The Author, Example Holidays is a rapidly expanding family run business that guarantees a great holiday for all the family. We offer a range of caravans to suit any budget, so you can be sure there’s something for everyone. Join us today to start your adventure!”

By focusing on keeping the information concise, I cut 40% of the text from the first example, but it conveyed the same information in a much more exciting manner. Furthermore, it left a curiosity gap to encourage the reader to keep going to find out more details.

3.    Visuals

Booklets solely comprised of text are often overlooked in favour of those with images.


Images attract attention and help to illustrate a point or provide information without the need to read.

Effectively, this catches the eye of the reader. In addition to this, it allows you to fit more information into the booklet. As the saying goes, “A picture can tell 1,000 words.”. Save space, add colour, and stand out with the use of appealing visuals.

Look at this image and put yourselves in the customer’s shoes.

You’re looking for a company that can provide you with a super effective tool to store and track your data. Would you be more inclined to pick up the booklet containing this image, or the one comprising of chunks of text that try to explain it?

People like visuals.

They’re illustrative, eye-catching, and informative rolled up into one big ball – so use them.

4.    Interactivity

Remember the intro where I stated how online marketing was on the rise?

Use this to your advantage!

Combine the traditional method of using booklets with the increased focus on the internet to find yourself with a winning combination.

Include a QR code in the booklet to effectively take advantage of interactivity. Get your reader hooked, then direct them to your online presence. Subsequently, you can expand on the information once they’re here.

This could be either:

  • Your website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Or any other social media or informative platforms

In addition to giving potential customers the ability to view your business’s information in their preferred format, they’re also able to ensure they have constant access to it if they were to lose the booklet.

Extra Tip: Depending on your target audience, you could benefit from having a company Snapchat! Add your friend code image to the leaflet to allow customers to follow what you’re doing. It’s a unique and effective way to attract younger audiences!

5.    Call to Action (CTA)

Include a CTA somewhere within the booklet.

CTA’s encourage the reader to get involved in some way.

Use one to improve your chances of potential customers interacting with the business after they’ve finished looking through the leaflet.

For example, a booklet ending with:

That’s why our customers have rated us number one!

Is less likely to get post-reading interaction than the same booklet which includes this line afterward:

Head to our Facebook page to see some more reviews, and please drop us a message with any services you’d like to see us offer in the future.

Add a line to encourage the reader to take further action. As a result, you motivate them to become more involved and improve the chances of them communicating with you in the future.

Stand-Out and Stand Proud

With these tips, your leaflets will be propelled into outer space. Consequently, you can prepare for interaction like you’ve never seen before.

Once you have your design ready, you can use our enquiry form to get a quote on booklet printing with us!

Are there any of these tips that you’ve used before, and how effective did you find them?

Perhaps you’ve had your mind blown by a technique you hadn’t even considered!

Comment below to share your thoughts and any other tips you may have.

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