Folder Printing

We are an expert Organizer Printer offering short run, extravagance Envelope Printing and Printed Ring Fasteners. GUARANTEE OF QUALITY AND PRICE!

When printing ring binders, bespoke folders, printed presentation folders, and presentation folders, small businesses are at a disadvantage because large orders typically result in lower prices. As a result, in order to stay within their budgets, smaller businesses are forced to purchase cheaper Folder printing products. 

folder printing

Most of the time, these presentation folders and ring binders are printed on flimsy stock that is easy to bend and fold when posted. They often require some DIY assembly, which can take a long time and makes the pocket more likely to come loose. A presentation folder is a persuasive marketing tool for promoting yourself, your products, and services, whether you are preparing for a press conference or handing out a business proposal. 

Specially printed envelopes are an expert and viable method for putting together an agreement, press packs and other business documentation and makes your organisation look solid and reliable. Our design team can assist you and offer guidance on how to present your marketing materials if you run out of ideas for your folders.

We offer you an incredible determination of completing choices, sizes and elements like clear inside, additional pockets and a glossier completion that opposes fingerprints and scrape marks. When you walk into a big business meeting, dress the part and make sure your notes and proposals are organised well with the right presentation folders.

Showing off your hard work has never looked better than in one of our personalised folders, whether you are attending a meeting to acquire a new client, renewing an existing one, or even going to a job interview. When you are looking for the ideal business companion, our exclusive collection offers two stunning styles in two sizes.

Both interlocking and glued folders, which can comfortably hold up to 15 sheets of paper in their pockets, are available in either A4 or A5, so you can choose between the simplicity of interlocking folders, which provide a convenient location for your business card, and the robustness of glued folders. This means that our personalized presentation folders are suitable for presentations of any size.

With custom A4 Presentation Folders that demand to be taken seriously, you can set yourself apart from the competition. They will assist you with sparkling at expos, dazzle in conferences and rouse at preparing occasions. We offer A4 Presentation Folders that are professionally printed to your specifications. Choose from our exciting selection of custom options to make a Presentation Folder that will be remembered.

A pocket with a 5mm spine can hold approximately 36 sheets, while a pocket with a 10mm spine can hold approximately 72 sheets. Sheets of uncoated 90gsm paper, which is frequently utilized in office printers, serve as the basis for this.


Kindly note: You will receive a PDF proof via email after our pre-press team has prepared your artwork for printing. This process can take up to 48 hours. After you sign your proof, the delivery option you choose will take effect, not when you check out. We provide some other types of folders such as:

A5 interlocking presentation folders:

 These A5 interlocking presentation folders measure 155 x 219 mm and are printed on thick silk stock of 350 gsm. They are ideal for informational and welcome packs because they can hold 15 sheets of A5 paper and your business card.

 A4 interlocking presentation folders:

 A4 Interlocking Presentation Folders have a dimension of 214 mm by 302 mm. They are made of sturdy and dependable silk stock that weighs 350 grams per square meter. They can hold up to fifteen sheets and your business card. You can print both the cover and the inside! Include velvet, gloss, or matte lamination.

7mm spine A4 interlocking presentation folders:

 7mm Spine A4 Interlocking Presentation Folders are 214mm x 302mm in size and printed on thick silk stock of 350gsm. They can hold up to 100 sheets of paper. They can be finished off with spot UV or foiling for a stunning look. Inside, there is a handy place to store business cards.

 7mm spine A5 interlocking presentation folders:

 7mm Spine A5 Interlocking Presentation Folders, 155mm x 219mm, are printed on durable and dependable silk stock of 350gsm. They can hold a whopping 100 sheets of paper. You can also add foiling or UV. A special slot is provided for your business card.

 A5 glued presentation folders:

155mm x 219mm A5 Glued Presentation Folders Printed on silk stock of 350gsm thickness Want to really stand out? Add thwarting or spot UV! Distribute them as information and welcome packs. Include 15 sheets of A5 paper and your business card.

A4 glued presentation folders:

 A4 Glued Presentation Folders, 214 x 302 mm, are printed on thick silk stock of 350 gsm. They can hold up to 15 sheets and your business card. They can be printed on the cover and inside. They can also have a glossy spot UV or foiling on the cover. You are probably wondering how we are able to provide products of such high quality at such low quantities for folder printing.

We only offer folder printing and peripherals. As a result, our workflow is set up to be as efficient as possible in this area. We also use a cutting-edge digital press to make low-run prints of high quality. We are able to proof and send artwork to print more quickly than ever before thanks to the use of a PDF workflow, reducing the amount of manual labor and time spent proofing.

Finally, we print so many folders that we can print jobs that are similar to one another and share the cost of printing them. 


When will you deliver folder?

If you order folder printing you will get it delivered same day or next as per your preference. 


Do you offer urgent printing?

Yes, we do offer urgent printing when you are in a hurry. We can help you with same day  and also next day printing.

What file format do you accept?

We accept pdf, jpeg, and EPS file formats.  

How to upload my design for printing folder?

You can upload your design through get a quote.

Can I add a coating to my folders?

Yes, you can. Both the gloss and matte UV coating is available to print.

What is standard folder size?

The folder with letter size, and folded with primary score line measure 5/8 inches in height, 9 5/8 inches in height and 11 3/4 inches width.