All About Business Card Paper

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Business card represents your business. Therefore it is really important to make your business identity more professional and premium looking. Maybe your design is top notch but you can not choose the right business card paper. Then selecting the wrong paper may ruin your effort of your design and brand. A quality business card with good finishing gives a good impression about your company. However, high gsm paper is not good enough for printing a better quality business card.

Business Card Paper

What is business card paper all about?

Business card paper is nothing but the paper your business card printed on. It shows the professionalism you show on your business card. Besides, it should be durable enough to last long. Regular business card is about (200 to 340 gsm). Quite a Premium card gsm is 400.

Weight & Thickness:

The weight of a paper is the heaviness of a paper. More heavy paper gives you a premium feel. Therefore it should be considered about choosing a business card. The more thick paper will be, the more durable it will be. The thickness should not be over so that it feels too heavy to pick & carry.

Color & Printing Capabilities:

There are various types of color business cards available but professional card colors are whites and creams but other bright or eye-catching colors are also used by progressive professionals. Choose a paper that will make your information better visible. In this case using multiple colors may work well.


The finishing of the paper is another important aspect. Generally there are two types of popular finishing methods. Like glossy, matte. Matte laminated business cards are simply professional. The other finishing type can improve your business card. Such silk, velvet or pearlescent finish.

Common Business Card Paper

Card Stock

Card stock or cover stock is a common paper used for business card printing. The weight of the paper is 80 to 110 each ream of paper. Since it is durable  it is durable and a good option for business cards. It is expected that it will pass hand to hand for a long time. There are various finishes available for it. Like Matte, Glossy, Photo, Textured.

Glossy Stock

Glossy stock is a fast drying water based coating that results in a glossy outlook of the business card. Due to its water base chemical it is eco friendly. Glossy finish business cards preserve the color of the business card. Also it prevents blurring , water damage, and increases durability of the card. It is not rewritable at all.

Matte Stock

Matte stock paper is not shiny but smoother. The output of the matte stock printed business card will look premium. This type of paper is also writable after printing that will allow you to write a short message on your if you wish to do so. It is available in various colors that includes whites, creams, tans and beiges and so on. But matte stock makes the color a bit duller than the actual file.

Photo Card Stock

Photo card stock is perfect for photo quality finishing of the business card. If your business card contains a photograph then it is the right option. Generally real estate representatives use photo card stock for photography. The color quality is professional standard.


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