Binding for Educational Documents (Is It Limited to Dissertations or Your Imagination?)

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Although I’m sure you’re already aware, let’s just remind ourselves of a few available bind types:

  • Comb Binding
  • Perfect Binding
  • Thermal Binding
  • Hardback Binding
  • Wire-O/Spiral Binding

So we know that all of these styles are used in dissertation binding, but are they also suited for use elsewhere in education?

Is there a difference between a dissertation and a thesis?

Let’s start by clearing up one of the most commonly asked questions.

The answer is yes.

Although they’re commonly confused as being the same thing, there is a difference.

Despite them both being terms that refer to the piece of work completed at the end of a degree, they’re used separately depending on the academic level.

‘Dissertation’ is a term used for submissions at the end of an undergraduate or master’s degree. On the other hand, the term ‘thesis’ associates with Ph.D. courses.

Straight away, this gives us the insight that binding has more than one use in education. However, dissertations and theses are fundamentally the same types of work, but at different levels.

To really answer this question, let’s consider other potential applications.

Is it only university students that can benefit from binding services?

Look at it this way. You spend well over a decade of your life in education! Realistically, the likelihood of only 1-2 pieces of work being able to benefit from binding in this time period is very slim.

Remember, there’s an immense difference between essential and beneficial!

During certain stages of your time at university, you might need to get work printed and bound.

However, there are other pieces of work where you may find binding helpful.

Here are some examples.

Some of these apply to life at secondary school just as much – if not more – than at university!


Whether or not your essays need to be handed in digitally or in person, you can still benefit from binding services.

Many university students get a draft dissertation printed and bound before they order the final copy.

What’s stopping you?

Sometimes, we spend so much time on screens that we can end up going into auto-pilot and missing little mistakes.

By printing a draft, you can benefit from a host of advantages:

  • Take a break from screen-time (this can help reduce eye strain or could even improve your quality of sleep)
  • Notice small mistakes you may overlook on a screen
  • Make notes of edits to keep track of changes you want to make
  • Have a hard copy of at least one version in case of technical failure

As a result, printed and bound essays can be useful regardless of the submission method.


Most students have faced the mammoth task of organising their coursework.

You sort mounds of sheets into some form of order before tediously stuffing them into plastic wallets.

Save yourself the hassle!

Minimise your use of plastic, and prevent yourself from slowly going insane. Go online to find a professional service that offers coursework binding – such as ourselves – and get all the hard work done for you.

Simply submit your coursework digitally, then let us take care of the rest.

Make your life easier. Spend more time doing the things you love, and let someone else take over the hard work.

Revision Notes

Are you the sort of person who likes to keep plenty of notes during classes? Do you tend to get to the point where you start revising, but you’ve lost some of your pages?

Here’s where printing and binding services can come in handy.

Upload your notes to a computer, and then get them printed and bound at the end of the topic/module, etc.

That way, you’ll end up with handy little guides that are ready for when you need them.

Class Notes and Hand-Outs

Even beyond university, binding in education can be extremely beneficial!

Organising hand-outs for students can prove especially difficult if there are odd bits of paper flying about. So, a binding service can be your saviour to get hand-outs printed, bound, and delivered ready to go.

Save time preparing to allow more time for your students.

Rather than getting swamped in printed notes, hand-outs, and worksheets – simply send us your files for us to compile into easy to manage booklets.

Staple-bound booklets are extremely popular for use as workbooks or class notes. However, spiral and comb bound are also popular options for larger projects. For example, a hand-out which covers a whole topic, or a workbook containing a terms worth of practice questions can be perfect candidates for more sturdy binds such as these.

Have you reached the night before and forgot to sort your classes handouts?

Don’t worry! We’re open late night every day of the week, so we can fulfil your binding needs.

For an urgent printing and binding service near you which has everyone covered, Day Night Print is the way to go.

So, as you can see, there’s plenty of ways you can benefit from binding services – university or not!

Be professional. Stay organised. Believe in yourself!

Will Day Night Print still offer me urgent services if I’m not a university student?


We’re always open, and always ready to work as long as we need to.

Our urgent delivery services in London are available to everyone, whether you’re in university or not. It only depends on the delivery option you choose.

If you’re not in a rush, we advise you to go for our standard option with 3-5 days delivery.

If you are in a rush, anyone is eligible to take advantage of our 24-hour urgent delivery.

Whether you submit a late-night order, or you’re up at the crack of dawn, we’ll get to work to provide you with speedy delivery.

Need us to complete your order overnight or on the weekend? That’s no problem at all.

We provide overnight, same day, next day, and weekend delivery for our urgent services. We aim to work tirelessly around the clock to offer you the service you deserve.

When we say Day Night Print – we mean it!

So what’s the conclusion?

In summary, the answer is dependant on both the person and the way you approach it.

If you were to look at it in terms of mandatory requirements, you might say it’s needed only for dissertations and theses.

Regardless of that, I’d say that the real answer is that the only limit is your imagination!

Education is all about learning, and what better way is there to do that than break through your personal barriers?

If you spend your whole life sticking minimum requirements, you’ll limit your ability to grow and develop. Use your imagination! You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll find your own style.

If you find well-organised and bound documents help, use them!

Find what works for you and exceed your expectations. You might surprise yourself!

We’d like to hear from you!

Have you ever used a binding service for an educational purpose, and if so, what did you use it for? Or if you haven’t – why not, or would you consider it in the future?

Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are.

We’d also like to know your opinions on our urgent services.

When you’re searching for quick dissertation binding, or a printing and binding service near you, what sort of time-frames would you expect to see offered? Also, have you ever needed to use any of our urgent services?

Let’s get talking!


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