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A professional looking booklet can affect your audience mind with a positive brand identity. The most crucial part of creating booklets is to choose the right paper type to make your design stand out. There are different types of paper available on the market but not all of them suit your design. 

Your design may contain text or image but considering the best paper you design the booklet will be top notch. You should consider a few things selecting specific booklet paper. Let’s move on to those factors.

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Booklets Paper Choosing Factor 

Booklet Type

Initially you have to decide which type of booklet you need. There are a bunch of options for you. Such as Saddle binding, Nested saddle binding, Spiral Coil, & Wire coil booklets. Folded saddle booklets are folded half and stapled at the fold. Nested saddle binding is joining two or more saddles to make a larger booklet. Rest of the two types of booklet Spiral coil & wire coil booklet are a bit similar. The paper with whole punched at the edge are used to add wire coil that hold all page together.

Total Pages and Budget

Selecting the booklet type also depends on the total page number. Because the binding types depend on the number of page booklets. Let’s say less number of pages will suit with saddle binding while the more number of pages will require a spiral or wire coil booklet. Also the page count should be at least eight the increments of the page will be four.

The budget is another factor to consider for booklet printing. The booklet paper should be the best option in your budget.


Cover Stock & Readability

You should keep in mind about your reader. According to the paper type you should pick the text. For example, a booklet designed with heavy text should use silk finish paper. If the cover stocks are strong and thicker then the text stocks are lighter and thinner. 

Saddle binding booklet can contain a maximum 14 page count including cover weight stock for both cover and interiors page. The number of booklet pages will depend on the text weight of the interior page. 100 text weight can have 60 pages and 64 pages for 80 text weight.

Therefore you have to choose a spiral coil or wire coil booklet if the page page limit exceeds for saddle printing. In these all types of mentioned booklet cases cover stock is common for outer cover of the booklet.


If you ask me which booklet is long lasting. The simple answer is thicker paper will last than a comparative thinner one. The thinner the paper is, the less time it will be durable.

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Type of Booklet Paper

Uncoated Paper

As the name suggests, uncoated paper doesn’t have any coating between fibers. The finishing of the paper is not that much smooth as coated paper and it contains a huge number of tiny holes which make it absorbent. If your booklet document is image based the paper will be soft without expected crisp. 


Uncoated paper is used in booklet printing for a few customers because it seems to be like copy paper and they are plain. Also it doesn’t feel fancy.

Matte Paper

Matt paper or matt laminated paper is a professional looking paper.  It is suitable for your cover pages only while paper weight is 250gsm and 300gsm. Higher GSM indicates thicker pages, the booklet will be sturdier. The matt finishing of the thick paper makes the booklet cover highly professional. The outlook of the cover is clean and smooth.


If your cover is full with heavy text then  Matte Paper is the right choice. If the booklet contains many light colors then matte paper is recommended. It is also suitable for brochure printing. As we mentioned earlier matte paper gives a professional look to the printed paper it creates positive impressions regarding your brand toward your client or business partner or even customer.

Gloss Paper

Gloss paper is the right choice if your booklet is designed with a lot of color. Under the light it will look extra shiny due to its glossiness. Therefore people choose it for booklet printing. This paper is available with both the inner and cover page with a weight of 135 GSM and 250 GSM .


The booklet includes graphics or visuals, and photos suited better for gloss paper. The glossy finish makes it lively.

Silk Coated Paper

The coated paper comes with two types of paper weight. The first one is 90gsm or 170 gsm which are for both the inner and cover pages. Another option is available only for cover pages and the paper weight is 135 gsm and 250 gsm. These silk coated paper is in between glossy and the font is easier to read. 


Generally, silk coated paper is suitable for a heavy text base booklet. This type of booklet is better for product promotion or business partners. Obviously it’s a professional type booklet paper.

UV Laminated Paper

This type of booklet paper is available only for booklet cover whereas the paper weight is 250 gsm and 300 gsm. UV Laminated paper will give you an extra glossy look when your booklet is ready. Therefore it feels premium while you will take it in your hand.


UV Laminated paper is suitable with your design if it is full of images. Since UV Laminated paper is glossy looking it will seek attention of the targeted client, audience or business partner.

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Final Word

Depending on size, durability, budget, paper type, document content type, durability of the print best paper can be chosen for the booklet. With choosing the right type of booklet paper it is possible to make your booklet design stand out within your budget. However, a professional person can easily choose the best paper you need for your booklet. We at Day Night Print provides booklet printing service in London. Our professionals will help you to choose the appropriate papers for your booklets. Hopefully these guides will help you to select the right one for you as per your requirement.


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