How to Avoid a Last-Minute Booklet Printing Emergency (Printing Predicaments)

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Last Minute Booklets and Brochures

Booklets and brochures can be incredible marketing tools when used well.

However, what happens when you face a last-minute crisis, such as losing or damaging booklets you’ve already had printed? Or maybe you need some for a last-minute event?

Don’t stress. We’re here to help!

Read on to find out what you should consider when preventing a printing pickle at the worst possible moment.

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Proofreading is an absolute necessity when it comes to getting your work printed.

Some companies may be kind enough to contact you before printing if they notice an obvious error, but they won’t actively look for them.

There’s nothing worse than handing out your booklets to hundreds of people only to discover a typo or other error.

Not only can it be embarrassing, but it can also lower the effectiveness of the document by making it appear unprofessional.

No matter how urgently you need to receive your printed and bound booklets, you should always make time to proofread!

There are plenty of online resources to assist you with this, or you could ask a friend or colleague to check it out for you.

Check Your Design

Some designs may appear different on a screen than in print.

You don’t want to feel the relief of finding an urgent booklet printing service, only to find that the design was inappropriate for the print.

Try to visualise how your booklet will look on paper.

Consider the following:

  • Sizing of your brochure
  • Binding or folding style
  • Colouring

Each of these can alter the way your booklet must get designed.


For example, your work may appear perfectly sized on the screen, but the scaling of the print could change the way it looks.

Think about it like this.

You’ve designed a text-heavy brochure that is just about a satisfactory size on the screen to be readable, but you’re printing it into an A6 sized booklet as a pocket guide.

Is the text still going to be easy to read when it’s shrunk down?

Alternatively, you could be designing for an A4 sized booklet, but you complete the work with the screen zoomed out so that you can see the whole page at once.

Would the text or images appear larger than required when printed?

If so, you could consider shrinking the text and adding more information to one page, saving you money on printing in addition to improving the aesthetics.


In terms of binding, ensure you know margin sizes so that no text or images get cut off when the work is bound.

If you’re unsure, your chosen company should be able to guide you with this.


Finally, be aware of possible colour changes between screen and print.

Most often, screens show colour in RGB format, whereas printers use CMYK.

This colour shift can cause differences between the expected and received colour of the print.

Once again, the company you use should be able to help advise you if you think this could be a design issue.

Carefully Consider Sizing and Bind

This point focuses more on the size and bind in terms of their effectiveness as opposed to design.

Contemplate aspects such as those outlined below.

Who is the recipient of the booklet or brochure?

If it’s for more professional purposes, such as reports or prospectuses, then you’d want to consider a good-sized print with a neat high-quality bind.

However, if it’s to hand to the general public as advertising at somewhere like an event, a smaller booklet with a cheaper bind might be your best option to keep costs down – especially if a large quantity is likely to be thrown away.

Think about the purpose of the brochure.

If you’re trying to advertise and give concise information, you’re not going to want an A4 spiral-bound booklet.

On the other hand, you probably shouldn’t present a business proposal to your boss as a DL folded brochure.

It’s all about finding effective use for the target audience.

You can find more tips regarding sizing and bind in our blog “How to Guarantee Your Booklets & Brochures Will Stand Out From the Crowd (5 Top Tips)

Find A Well-Reviewed 24-Hour Printing Service

It sounds obvious. But, this is essential to ensuring the best finish at the last minute.

Finding a reputable 24-hour booklet printing service – such as ourselves – will massively increase your chances of averting a crisis!

A company may claim to offer urgent booklet printing and delivery, but reviews may show that they’re often late or low quality.

This reason is why it’s so important to check the feedback from past customers.

If you’d like to see ours, they can be found via a quick google search or at the bottom of our home page.

Beam at Your Finished Booklets

Once you’re satisfied that your booklets are ready to head to print and you’ve found the perfect 24-hour booklet printing service, you can sit back and relax, knowing that you’ve managed to avoid a booklet crisis.

Why not use our enquiry form to get a booklet printing quotation for free?

After all, we strive to be the best top-quality and value professional 24-Hour booklet printing service in London!

Have you ever found yourself in a bit of a booklet emergency?

Share your experiences with us in the comments below.


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