3 Reasons Why A4 Printing is the King of Versatility (What Can it Be Used For?)

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A4 Printing

I want to talk to you about why A4 printing is so incredibly versatile.

With A4 being the most commonly used paper size, it’s no surprise that there are so many ways to use it.

A4 printing is a broad subject that offers a wide scope of products. However, even a plain old single printed sheet comes with a whole host of choices you may not have known existed!

Let’s take a look at how adaptable A4 printing really is.

A4 printing Onine


Before we go deeper into the details, it’s good to know what sort of products are covered by A4 printing services.

Well, it really is as simple as whether or not it involves one or more pages of A4 paper.

Now I know that may not necessarily be helpful, so here’s an idea of some of the projects you can use A4 printing for:

That’s not even the half of it either!

There are so many endless possibilities that, if you can think it, we can probably do it!

Control Every Detail

As impressive as the range of product availability is, there’s still plenty more involved in keeping A4 on top!

It’s not all about the design you print, but how you present it as well.

Technically, this post gives more than three reasons since this one alone breaks down into four.

Aren’t you a lucky lot!

Page Sides

A4 printing services easily allow both double and single-sided printing, leaving you the freedom to choose.

It’s quick and easy to switch the settings, so there’s no need to worry about using extra time and hassle.

You can opt for single-sided prints for products such as posters or stickers, or you can go for double if you want to print more information but save paper.

I know this may seem like something simple that you think about every time you print, but that’s exactly why it’s so important!

Don’t take this choice for granted. Just remember how much easier it makes things for you.

For booklets, it’s a little more complicated, but nothing too hard!

Bound booklet pages are worked in multiples of 4. Two pages at the front of each sheet, and two pages at the back.

For clarification, think of it this way.

You’d have the front cover, the two inner pages of information, and the back cover. For each extra sheet you add, you’re adding four more pages of information.

Essentially, each double sided sheet of an A3 piece of paper makes 4 pages of an A4 booklet.

Don’t stress!

It’s a fairly easy concept to get the hang of, and Day Night Print are always happy to help if you get a little confused.


Colouring is similar to page sides in the sense that it’s a choice that people often take for granted.

I have a memory of this that I wonder if any of you share.

Did you ever have that point throughout school life where, as a student, you were pretty much forbidden to print in colour?

As a young teen, I remember feeling annoyed by this, despite it being such a seemingly insignificant thing.

I was so desperate to present my work well in all its colourful glory, but it wasn’t to be!

I think that’s made me have more of an appreciation for the ability to get bright and vivid colours the way you can through the use of a professional A4 printing service.

Colour can be a make or break factor for your high-quality prints, which is why a reputable A4 printing service is always the best choice for your document.

Paper Types

There are a plethora of paper type choices available to you when opting for A4 prints.

These can include anything from the weight of the paper to the finish.

You can choose from a range of weights, depending on whether you’re after cheaper alternatives or luxury prints.

Not only that but with A4 printing, you can choose the finish of the paper as well.

If you’re looking to print stickers and labels, you can opt for a sticky-backed paper.

Or, perhaps you’d like a glossy paper if you’re producing a booklet and want to achieve that high shine.

There are so many different paper types to choose from that you’re guaranteed to be spoilt for choice!

This list is to give you an idea of some of the most popular paper types used in A4 printing.

  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Sticker Paper
  • Satin
  • Silk Parchment

One of the definitive reasons why A4 printing gets hailed as the King of versatility!


Most professional A4 printing companies will also offer you a binding service.

This additional service means that you not only get to decide the appearance of the individual sheets of your prints but also how the product will appear as a whole.

There are so many different binding techniques that you can use for A4 printing, including:

  • Comb Binding
  • Perfect (Glue) Binding
  • Saddle Stitching
  • Spiral/Wire-o Binding

A4 prints lend themselves to use as either loose-leaf printing or professionally bound products.

Depending on the piece of work you’re printing will depend on which binding styles would be best suited – although the choice is ultimately yours.

Why not check out our blog “The Best Binding Styles Available for Your Work (And What They’re Best Suited To)” to see what could work best with your piece?


A4 printing is especially useful in terms of products that you are posting to recipients or using for promotional purposes.

A4 is the perfect size to be able to fit in a large envelope and be put through a letterbox without folding to keep your printing looking neat and professional.

If necessary, they’re also able to fold up to fit into smaller envelopes.

Not only that but by finding a suitable A4 printing company, you’ll be able to receive your prints anywhere from a matter of hours to a matter of a few days (depending on your budget and how urgently you need them).

In terms of our company, we can offer same day A4 document printing, and we’re known for being an extremely reliable A4 printing service in London.

Day Night Print is a fully online service.

So, we can take your order; find out all of these different requirements (as mentioned throughout the blog), and deliver your work to you the very same day if needed.

If that doesn’t show versatility, I don’t know what will!

Print Your Way to Success

Now you can see why A4 printing is one of the most widely used services utilised by both our customers and many others.

Most work you can complete comes under the category of A4 printing, and it’s clear why.

There are so many options to choose from, as well as endless possibilities for projects!

What prints have you had done by a reliable A4 printing service before?

Let us know below and share which of the endless combos of options you decided on!


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