3 Reasons Why it’s Important to Present Your Dissertation Well (Aesthetics Matter)

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Presenting Your Dissertation

I want to talk about why it’s vital to present your dissertation well.

When it comes to submitting your dissertation, it’s appearance isn’t exactly the first that comes to your mind.

Of course, the content of the work is what will get you your grade, but that doesn’t mean the aesthetics aren’t essential.

Let’s see what the top three reasons for producing a well-presented piece are.

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1. First Impressions Count

Before the assessor has even read the first line of your dissertation, they’ll have a snap judgement of your professionalism by the way you’ve presented the work to them.

Step into their shoes for a moment.

Pretend I’ve placed two dissertations in front of you.

The first one is dog eared and full of creases. You’re not even sure if all the pages are there.

The second one is neat and well organised with a quality print and bind.

You’re automatically going to think that the second one is the better dissertation as the student has taken the time to ensure it’s neat and easy to read through.

As a result, they’ll go into reading it in a better mind-frame because the piece looks professional.

It may not have an impact on your final grade or result, but you’d much rather have a happy assessor than one looking for mistakes because it appears as though you couldn’t be bothered to take it seriously.

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2. Pride in Your Work

It’s important to feel proud of what you’ve produced.

Dissertations aren’t there solely to be written and graded before being forgotten.

They help to define and shape your future, which is a pretty big deal!

You may feel exhausted and a bit flat after the endless trudging through sleepless nights and intense stress, but you should be proud.

It takes a lot of determination, and you’ve completed it.

Give yourself the credit you deserve by showing pride in the finished product.

Let your work say, “I did this. I worked hard and put all my effort into my dissertation. Just look at what I’ve produced!”.

3. Ease of Reading and Navigation

Presenting a neatly bound document allows the reader to move through the pages with ease.

Consider the difficulty assessors would have if they were handed piles upon piles of crumpled loose sheets for every dissertation they had to read.

It would become highly complicated!

Also, it’s likely that pages would become lost, or the reader would miss vital information, and that could be the difference between grades (or even a pass and a fail).

In addition to this, sorting through all work would probably make the assessor very grumpy.

You certainly don’t want that!

This point does link strongly back to the first one, but that’s because it’s so important to hand in a professionally printed and bound dissertation.

Make things as easy for the assessor as possible, and they’ll want you to do well.

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Aesthetic Appreciation

Hopefully, you’re now able to understand why it’s necessary to present your dissertation well.

We’ve also touched on how we at Day Night Print can help you to achieve that goal.

Were you already aware of the importance of presentation, or do you have a newfound appreciation for what you thought was a seemingly insignificant detail?

Why don’t you share your thoughts with us in the comments?

We’d love to hear what you think!


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