3 of the Most Common Dissertation Bind Types Day Night Print Offers (Advantages vs Disadvantages)

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Binding Styles Bother

Today, we’d like to discuss the uses of each of the 4 most commonly used dissertation binding styles.

  • Spiral Binding
  • Comb Binding
  • Staple Binding
  • Perfect (glue) Binding

These are the binding styles that students often opt for when it comes to presenting their thesis. However, it isn’t always easy to determine which style is best.

So, to help you out, let’s see what the benefits and drawbacks are for each style!

Spiral Binding

This kind of binding is where either a plastic or wire spiral is coiled through a series of holes that have been punched along the side of the pages.

It also includes back and front covers if required.

Spiral Binding is possibly the most popular binding type since it allows the document to lie flat, and the pages can be moved 360 degrees around the coil – making it super easy to read the dissertation without damaging or bending the paper.

The wire can sometimes be available in different colours, and everyone knows how excited students can get over colourful things. Face it, you’ve probably got too excited over a new pack of pens or highlighters during your time at uni.

We know. Work can be dull, so the small things make you happy. We won’t judge!

Day Night Print mainly works with this binding style as it’s an extremely favoured style by students.

The main drawback to spiral binding is that it is more expensive than certain other bind types, such as comb binding or staple binding. Overall,  it gives a super professional finish to the piece and is regarded as one of the best styles we offer.

Comb Binding

Style-wise, this is very similar to the spiral binding method.

It uses a series of rings on a round plastic spine to bind the document through rectangular punched holes.

The main advantage of this binding style is that the combs can be opened and closed. Consequently, you can add and remove pages, although it’s not particularly easy to do.

Generally, a clear plastic cover and cardboard backing are used to help protect your work. Always a bonus!

Despite one of its main advantages being its price, its main drawback is also the cost. This is because it gives the work a relatively cheap appearance.

Comb binding won’t allow you to give as professional a presentation as you can.

Comb binding is generally regarded as a better style to use for a draft copy of the dissertation. This is because you can add and remove pages, and it’s a really cheap style to purchase.

Although it can be used for the final product, it won’t give you as much of a professional look as some of the alternative styles will.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is where the pages of your dissertation are secured to a single piece of thick paper or card using a specialist adhesive.

One of the advantages to perfect binding is that the cover can be printed, which means that you’re able to personalise it to include your name, the title of your dissertation, or any other information that you may need to show on the front cover.

However, this binding style has the name ‘perfect’ for a reason! It’s super slick, neat, and looks incredibly professional.

Of course, perfection comes at a price.

Perfect binding is one of the most expensive bind styles due to the time it takes. It’s also the only service we offer that isn’t available with same-day delivery due to the time required for the glue to dry.

After all, it takes time to look this good!

So what’s the conclusion?

There’s no clear cut answer about which style is the best when it comes to binding.

It’s all about finding what’s right for YOU! Do you prefer the ease of reading with a spiral bind? Do you prefer the professionalism of perfect binding? Would your decision be mainly based on your budget?

Day Night Print will strive to help you with all your dissertation binding needs.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like any more help, advice, or information!

 If you’d like a free quote for our dissertation binding service, head over to our enquiry form.

Let us know which bind style you prefer, and why, below.


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