28 Creative Business Card Ideas

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A business card represents your brand with a specific impression. When the card is top notch in quality it spreads positiveness about your brand. The design of a business card depends on the service, company type,or the customer choice. Apart from matching service or company type people prefer unique custom design business cards. Custom design business cards make the brand separate from others.

28 Creative Business Card Ideas

Importance of Business Card

Business card is the easiest way to represent your brand and make a good first impression. In fact it’s a better opportunity to chat with the potential customer. Throughout the business card exchange they will easily know you, your job and the contact information with your brand. You may share your card without hesitation with the customers, potential customers and targeted people since it is cost effective. 

Furthermore, it’s one kind of norm in a few specific areas to exchange business cards. Even  different types of people judge your brand by your business card. It builds trust about you, your business when you share a card and converse with each other. When your card is cheap looking it may decrease the trust. Therefore it’s not to mention other potentialities of it.

What Information to Add In a Business Card?

There is a list of information that is necessary to add in a business card. But at the same time you can add some additional information to make it more informative and unique. The major information includes logo, company name, your name and designation, and contact information. Some of the additional information are, social media accounts, QR code etc. 

  1. Logo:-   Business logo is one of the major info to add in a business card to represent brands.
  2. Company Name:- Name of the company is also associated with representation of the business or service.
  3. Your Name and Designation:-  Along with company other major info your name is one of the most important info. When you give someone your card they may notice your name and designation first.
  4. Contact Information:- When someone needs to contact you or your company then phone number, email address are the most common information. Besides physical office address is also part of contact information.Furthermore website is also a contact information that increases trustworthiness about your brand.

What makes a good business card?

Good business card is important to represent your brand. To make it sound professional or standard looking you need to follow a few rules.

Suitable Font 

When you are making a business card using the suitable font make it stand out over many design. It’s even easier to read when the font is simple and clear looking on the right background.

Right Spacing 

Spacing makes it clean to find info on a business card. Therefore adequate spacing is important to decorate a business card. Spacing should not be more than enough or too less.

Design Selection

Selecting an accurate design by matching background and correct font colours make design alive. For example if you use a white background and light ash colour font then it will not appear clearly. Besides, the design should match the industry. Just as in particular, a graphics designer business card design should include creative design and bright colours. It shouldn’t be as elegant and professional looking as a Doctor’s card. 

Proofread Your Design 

Each time you finalise your design, recheck and proofread every time to make sure it is correct. Before printing your design it’s the last chance to check any errors. 

Professional Printer Use

Using a professional printer makes a huge difference. Cheap quality or regular printers can not generate a better printing output. So it’s recommended to use a professional printer or lab to print your design.

28 Creative Business Card Ideas

1. Arts and Fashionable Business Card

As the name suggests, fashionable business cards contain creative design. This type of design is suitable for designers, clothing brands etc. 

2. Colourful

A colourful business card is suitable for a bit of informal use. Let’s say a flower shop can use this sort of business card as a way of spreading identity. Generally the design contains single or multiple bright colours to complete the business card.

3. Simple

The simple design card doesn’t mean to be cheap, rather the goal is to help the potential client. A simple design is easy to reach and find the info in a short time. 

4. Professional look

Professional looking business card is the first choice for various professionals or organisations. Generally it doesn’t contain too colourful design. Professionals like doctors,  engineers, geologists, teachers and so many professions can use these types of cards. 

5. Unique Design

When you want a unique outlook of your business card then you may use custom and unique design. Even your extraordinary design. You can design on your own according to your preferences. But when you can’t design a business card then you can hire a graphics designer. 

6. Transparent

Transparent business cards can be in different perspectives but the background is transparent. They look awesome if the colour combination is fine. Though they aren’t professional looking but easy to use as a casual one.

7. Stunning Design

Stunning design business cards contain creative artwork that may be kind of  simple or it can be heavy too. To make the business card a bit particular with heavy design you can use stunning design business cards.

8. Dynamic

Dynamic design business cards are the modern business cards for the modern era. The business card design is updating day by day as many other industries. Therefore it’s suitable for the modern age.

9. White design on White

White colour is special because you can use many cases if it suits the surrounding colour. Besides it is bright to seek attention.But when you want to make a white on white business card it is possible by shaping the card font over the paper. 

10. Glowing

A glowing business card is like a firefly. So it looks gorgeous when someone looks at it. If you give it to someone the glowing design or text will create extra attraction to notice.

11. Colourful Edge

In any design you can use a colourful edge on your business card. Though each colour doesn’t seem suitable, you can use matching colours on your design edge. It will make your card separate from others.

12. Flat Design

In a flat design card there are two dimensional elements and bright colours. 2D design makes the business card live to the user. So it appears as realistics.

13. Minimal Design

Actual concept of minimal design prioritises the essential. Meanwhile it’s a simple business card too. Therefore it looks clean and easy to get the info.

14. Bright and Catchy 

Specific list of bright colour combinations gives a bright and catchy outlook of a business card. In fact it attracts people to look at the cards who carry these types of cards. In this case it’s kind of similar to glowing business cards that give extra visual attractions.

15. Colour with Minimal

In the case of colour with minimal It’s a combination of essential elements and colourful touch. The simplicity of the design gives a colourful outlook after Informal  creative colour. 

16. Eco friendly Design

Natural looking eco friendly design is a bit different and loved by many people. Even printing on eco-friendly paper will make the design alive. Not only the people who work with organic or nature friendly things but a random person may prefer eco friendly design to support eco friendly work.

17. Matte and orange combination

The Matte and orange colour combination is a bright and matt finish combination colour that can glow and give a dark shade too. Specifically, the orange colour glows more as expected than the matt colour. But these combinations make the card different.

18. Basic Design

The basic design is the simple design that can be easily made by anyone. Let’s say black and white colour or more colour combination design. 

19. Creative

The creativity of the design is endless. Making a combination of various design or brainstorming design ideas can give you creative output. Apart from design creativity it introduces unique design.

20. Interactive 

An interactive design contains simple, defined goals and a strong purpose and intuitive screen interface. Let’s say a dentist business card contains teeth inside folded paper. 

21. Informal

In an informal business card there is no restriction of using various colour combinations and design. Rather it is less formal. So if you don’t prefer formal businesses according to your industry then obviously you may choose informal business cards.  

22. Elegant

Elegant design business cards are standard looking along with descriptive information that doesn’t seem informal. Besides, it suits various industries and is accepted by different classes of people.

23. Luxury Card

These specific type of design looks rich and expensive. Along with elements shading, shaping, and  qualityful paper gives high end values to the card. People who prefer luxury lifestyles may prefer this sort of design to represent his business, service or company.

24. Stylish

Stylish business card is good to go with clothing companies, event management, designer, and content creator etc. Since the card contains a bit of a smart and fashionable sense it attracts the people.

25. Dynamic

There are always some people who prefer vintage design rather than modern design. It gives a special feeling to carry a vintage design card.

26. Institute and Training centre Business Card

Educational institutions or training centre teacher business cards will be simple and professional but it shouldn’t be too colourful or complicated design.

27. Bold Design

Bold design brand cards are not just simple brand awareness. The info appears shortly after noticing the detail.

28. QR Code Business Card

Any business card can be converted as a QR Code business card if there is enough modification field. The QR code will redirect to your specific identity info. Such as social profiles. The QR code on the design makes it special. 

In final words there are tons of business card designs on the planet. Even day by day various designs are created by someone. So no design is not obvious and permanent. Here we listed a few of them to give you an idea about it. Hopefully now you can select which type of business card for your business and service. 


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