15 inexpensive marketing ideas for small business

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15 inexpensive marketing ideas for small business

To run a small business there are many strategies which can save your cost to a large extent. Among them 15 popular ideas and strategies are discussed below. These are easy to apply and vital for any small business.


Google business profile 

For nearby groups especially, a Google Business Profile has grown to be one of the only loose advertising techniques available. This must-have piece of advertising collateral lets in your commercial enterprise to expose up on Google Maps, the nearby phase of Google Search, and the right-aspect Knowledge Panel for branded searches. But so as to your Business Profile to expose up better on Google Maps or nearby results, you want to optimize your Business Profile, and that allows you to optimize it, you want to have demonstrated possession of it—that’s carried out thru your Google My Business account. 


Business Partnerships 

Try partnering with other local businesses. You can boost people’s businesses. For example, you can give your customer a coupon for another business, and vice versa. Or, you can promote each other on your mailing list. Search for additional businesses. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to link up with competitors. You can search for a company that sells a related product. For example, a sandwich shop might partner with an ice cream shop.


Business Cards 

Your business card is probably the most important promotional tool you have. These small portions are powerful simply because they are inexpensive and easy to present to everyone. However, most people make the mistake of thinking that printed business cards are just a way to exchange contact information. In the digital age, we have the Internet, PDAs and smartphones for that. To get real value from a business card, consider its true potential.

This mundane card can be a vital asset in your everyday marketing madness. Your business card is something you should never leave home without. Have you ever run into a potential client while walking your dog? Or maybe you discovered a neglected terrace in the neighborhood of a friend who was just ripe for your services? While sometimes you get a chance to introduce yourself and what you do, a lot of the time all you have is the piece of paper left behind. So make it attractive. Follow these tips to use that valuable ad space wisely.

Put up an aquarium at your workplace with a sign inviting visitors to drop their business cards in it for a chance to win something from you. For example, a restaurant might offer free lunches   to the entire office. At the end of the month, you’ve collected a ton of business cards, and while you can only have one winner, there’s no reason for the others to go to waste. Use the email address provided to let users know that even if they don’t win this time, they are still welcome to join your mailing list, which will notify them of upcoming events, future gifts and special offers.


Social Media 

Increasing social media engagement and building an online community are free ways to express your brand personality and build trust with your audience while growing your small business. Create a business account and join major social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). This can be done anytime you have a few minutes. What You Can Do: Promote your blog posts to drive more traffic to your website. Speak directly with your followers to represent your brand’s voice and drive more engagement. Conduct polls and request feedback. Excerpts from long-form content to create fast, informative posts that are easy to digest. Whatever your motivation, be sure to be proactive and proactive on a regular basis with the social media accounts you create.  


Email Marketing 

Customer acquisition is important for any business, but research shows that retaining existing customer’s costs five times less than acquiring new ones. Luckily, email marketing makes customer retention easy and affordable. Nearly 80% of SMBs considered email marketing to be the best strategy for customer retention, but only 44% of respondents considered social media to be an important tactic. Given that it costs so little, you might be tempted to use the scattershot method and send random emails in hopes of getting clicks. But before you give in to such tactics, remember that in the pre-social media branding era, Twitter was a poor marketing minefield. Free advertising is no excuse for sloppiness. Don’t let the email newsletter game keep up with you. After all, there are many strategies involved in email marketing. The best part is that everything is very easy to measure.


Flyers and Leaflets 

Marketing is essential for small businesses. Whether its eye-catching billboards or traditional flyers and leaflets, promoting your business can help you connect with potential customers, increase sales, and build a strong reputation. Small businesses usually have to work with limited marketing budgets. To get the most out of it, it’s best to choose a marketing technique that will give you a good ROI. Print helps businesses reach their marketing goals without going over budget. Even in the digital age, it still works well to capture the attention of customers. They are visible and require action. People automatically close pop-up ads, but they’re unlikely to throw away the brochure without reading it first.


Custom Tote Bags 

Branding your bag is effective in increasing brand awareness for several reasons. Traditional marketing such as radio, television and print advertising is often expensive. By comparison, bag branding is incredibly cheap. A branded tote bag is also a one-time expense that provides repetitive advertising. If the owner carries it around, more people will see it. You can also sell tote bags or give them away as promotional items. Bag branding is a powerful marketing strategy.

Branded totes are visually, functional and portable. A tote also provides everyday convenience to its owner. This is the simultaneous spread of brand awareness in the community of owners. Bag branding is a powerful way to get your name out there. It is a convenient item that is cheap and large in quantity. Consider it at your next branding event. Also remember that people are less likely to throw away useful promotional items. These bags have so many uses.

For example, you can use it as a reusable grocery bag or bag to carry many small items. Wearable accessories are often successful in creating awareness for your business. Because it appeals to human nature. People are always looking at what other people are wearing and what they are wearing. People value beauty. For this reason, branded tote bags are very useful.



If you want to get in front of your target customers on LinkedIn, you need to create content that addresses their pain points. What problem does your product or service solve? Write a blog post, create an infographic, shoot a video, grab their attention and show that you understand their needs Of course, creating great content is only half the battle. It also needs to be seen by the right people. This is where LinkedIn Groups comes in. Find the groups your target customers belong to and become active members. Share your company’s latest blog post or infographic. Make sure you’re adding value to the conversation, not just adding value to yourself.


Guerilla Marketing

As an online seller, you are always looking for ways to grow your business. SEO, SMM, email marketing and many other digital marketing approaches have made it very easy for new and established business owners to start, run and grow their business offline and online. But all these tactics require a reasonable marketing budget. Without it, you don’t have access to the latest tools and solutions that deliver the success your business deserves. One of the most effective low-budget marketing is guerrilla marketing. Even before the internet existed, many small businesses used this strategy to promote their business. Guerrilla marketing tactics serve as a low-budget marketing solution for owners facing budget constraints and unable to hire a full-time marketer to handle their day-to-day digital marketing operations. This low-budget marketing strategy lets you use your creativity to get the best results without a big investment. This post was created to help you learn the basics of guerrilla marketing and how to grow your business offline with the best guerrilla marketing strategies.


Local SEO 

Sometimes the most effective online marketing ideas are the simplest. They just take longer to bear fruit. But laying the foundation early sets you up for success later. This is especially true of search engine optimization (SEO), the process of optimizing an online store. They appear in search results when users are actively seeking information, entertainment, or trying to solve a problem. Combine SEO with a content marketing strategy to get your small business off the ground. Create blog posts that target low-volume keywords that are directly related to your product. Look for minimal competition to set yourself up for success. Here are some simple content marketing ideas to get you started. Resolves issues viewers are experiencing. Write guest articles for popular publications in niches. Tell existing customer stories to support new buyer’s shoes 


ON-the-go branding 

On-the-go branding process refers to the use of vehicles. In this case the vehicles which are going to be used can be branded with your company logo. Side by side the contact information can also be included. Perhaps bycicle, electric scooter, truck, covered van etc. can be used as vehicles. On the vehicle magnetic symbols or informational stickers can be used for marketing. 


Local Press 

Since you probably spend most of your marketing efforts in online media, there’s one medium you probably don’t pay much attention to. It’s the local mainstream media. While there’s no doubt that more attention should be paid to online content marketing, it’s also beneficial to focus on local media and news outlets as well. There is an opportunity in this area with the potential to get your business more exposed. It’s easy to overlook. Of course, content marketing is the number one way to reach new customers these days, but people still consume content through traditional channels. Local or broader news media channels probably won’t even come to your mind to promote your business, but they can still be useful in the internet age. It may seem pointless, but there are ways to benefit your business by partnering with media outlets in your area. People still read the local newspaper. They may not read in classic print, but they read because they’re interested in what’s going on in their community. The assumption that traditional local media is dead is false because traditional media is the focus of the local population. It is now promoted in a different way. To survive, they had to adapt to new environments and use different methods to stay relevant in the digital world. We offer free viewing on web subscriptions and sites along with advertising on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. This makes it easier to connect with them and promote your business.


Loyalty programs 

A customer loyalty program for small businesses is a cost-effective way to increase sales and customer loyalty. A loyalty program can also prevent customers from visiting your competitors while increasing the number of purchases the average customer makes each year. This means that the time and money invested will pay off significantly in the form of increased profits and fewer lost customers. We can develop a loyalty program that fits your business and budget.

If you’re a small business owner, you may not have the resources to create an app, but you may want a simple system. Here are six customer rewards programs you can use to build better customer relationships while increasing business revenue. Therefore, building customer loyalty is a very cost-effective way to increase sales. That said, it’s also important to target prospects rather than previous buyers, but when you’re on a tight budget, loyal customers are your best friends. Develop a loyalty program that fits your business and budget. I can do it. If you’re a small business owner, you may not have the resources to create an app, but you may want a simple system. Here are nine customer rewards programs you can use to build better customer relationships while increasing business revenue.

Customer Referral program 

If there’s one “secret recipe” for hacking small business growth, it’s word of mouth, or referral marketing. Whatever your business is, we’ll do whatever it takes to get your first handful of customers handing out flyers, sending text messages, business profiles on various social media platforms and, of course, ask questions. Ask friends and family to recommend your company. Finally, start building your customer base. But once you have a steady stream of customers to care for, you can no longer afford to continue the level of marketing effort you started with. Enter Referral Marketing. While other marketing techniques such as search and social media are very important and should be sustained over the long term, successful word-of-mouth marketing can make a big difference to your business. Think about it. Do you buy a product or service because you saw an ad on social media or because a good friend recommended it to you? The latter, of course.  


Community sponsorships  

Community organizations regularly reach out to local small businesses to fund events, fundraisers, and special gatherings in exchange for the PR they receive in return. Small business owners are generally well advised on sponsorships. Their motivation is based on the rationale that sponsorships will bring new customers to their business. But the big question is whether sponsorships are actually effective in attracting new business.  Is participation important? Or is it just a big waste of resources to say you’d be better off building a business? It would be difficult without investigating every customer that walks through the door. But no matter how effective sponsorships are at attracting new customers, sponsorships bring other benefits to your business.

Building Customer Loyalty – For Sponsoring Community Events People who approach your business can be repeat customers who visit your business on a regular basis. Your sponsorship builds loyalty with these customers, making them more likely to recommend your business to their friends. It may not seem like a lot of money, but you’d be surprised how quickly word spreads about happy, satisfied customers. You can send a message that your company supports a specific community-related issue by sponsoring a targeted event. This can have a big impact on how the public perceives your business. For example, if your preschool sponsors a child safety event, the public will see it as a sign that your preschool really cares about the children. You may even learn about your company’s commitment to children’s welfare through local media. The next time people need childcare services, they will think of your company, a company that puts children first.

Your participation in community events shows your interest in the community where you live. Small businesses, large and small, play an important role in the fabric of every community and share some of the responsibility of keeping communities healthy and safe. But fulfilling our civic duties also has a positive impact on business. A healthy community is a thriving community, and a thriving community makes sense for your business.  Ultimately, the main motivation for sponsoring community events is that it’s the right thing to do. Most of these events are run by non-profit organizations whose mission is to make the world a better place. These events benefit your business, but the biggest reward is knowing that your small business has helped other people.


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